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"Crazy-8"It wasn't until I went to jail on a minor d**g conviction that I discovered what a perverted faggot I was. I had been assigned to B-8 and was to be housed in an almost all black barracks and there was very little oversight at that end of the jail. Most of the prisoners in "Crazy-8" were d**g offenders with a few guys sprinkled in who were there on parole violations or finishing out time on a longer sentence. There were two sleeping areas which housed about 50 men each and they were separated by a common shower/bathroom and a smaller room where the trustees kept cleaning supplies, mops, buckets, etc. I had bagged up nine grams of pure Methamphetamine and swallowed it the day before I was remanded into custody so two days later I retrieved it and stashed much of it throughout the medium security campus. Needless to say, I was high as fuck during the booking and intake process. It usually took two days before they housed you and I'd been sitting in holding cells and temporary barracks for 43 hours. I hadn't eaten any of that shitty jail food, (or anything else for that matter), since the day before I arrived. It only took a few hours for me to sell half my dope for and by the time they housed me and sent me down to barracks 8, my reputation was known. When I found the building, I was carrying my bed-roll, my personal belongings and my paperwork. The barracks was a two-story, dorm type structure which was surrounded by a fenced courtyard and an exercise area. Picnic tables, plastic chairs and concrete benches were rowed about and there were several muscular black men standing around smoking, lifting iron and talking. Some of them eyed me as I approached. A few of them pointed me out to the others and all looked extremely amused when they realized I was being housed in barracks eight. I felt their stares as I entered the double doors and began hunting for my bunk. "Yo Crackah! You lost?", a thin yet muscled black guy with a red do-rag and a missing front tooth asked me. Several of them chuckled and looked up, listening to our exchange.'I don't think so', I held my paperwork out as I dumped my roll onto my bunk. The majority of the inmates housed in Barracks-8 left me alone except for some teasing, shit-talking and insulting comments. Once I'd established my status as a dope-holder, I was approached by a crew of six black thugs. They told me I'd have to give up my share of the dope or I could pay tribute with cartons of smokes. I tried to negotiate out of those unfair options and was eventually told I had to meet with Treyshawn and Brody, leaders of the gangs which populated the East-Block of the prison. Brody was a thirty-something, green-eyed muscle-thug with an attitude. He was known for his quick, skillful movements in all things athletic and for his open, shameless bi-sexuality. I heard that he once made a C.O. eat his asshole out then had him cuffed to a urinal and sodomized with a mop while he let some Asian sissy-boy suck his dick. I ended up offering myself as a fuck-slave to them for the three day lock-down and had even agreed to shave my body smooth for them. I was told to prepare my white pussy for use by the following afternoon and to meet Treyshawn in the shower commons at 4pm. I spent the next 14 hours douching and lubing my self as well as removing all my body hair.I went to the shower commons at 4pm and was allowed through the locked, steel doors by a couple of grinning black, teens. They snickered and chuckled as they locked the doors behind me. It seems I would be alone and locked in with Treyshawn.....The big, black bull laid back on the stone bench with his hands behind his head. His huge, well defined biceps flexed and bulged as he reclined. His naked form glistened with sweat and the dim flourescent light lit the deep lines of his abdominal and pelvic area. I couldn't stop looking at his massive, twitching pillar of phallic perfection. This guy had a perfect cock and balls. It stood about 13 inches straight up off his hairless mound and was as thick as a wrist. The veiny, chisled pillar glistened in the bathroom light. It's meaty underside had a thick, fleshy tube running up it's length and it tapered up into an apricot-sized cock knob with deep, pronounced ridges. The very tip, at the slit, was leaking opulescent fluid and a pea sized drop of it quivered at the tip, ready to drool its way down the viened, monster shaft. He flexed his dick muscles causing his mighty appendage to wave sexily in the air. I could smell his cum-laden balls and it made me feverish with lust. His muscled thighs splayed open revealing his g****fruit sized nut sack. They were hairless and swollen and he'd fastened a thick array of boot-string leather around their base as a cock-ring, causing his heavy appendage to swell even thicker.I was naked except for my boots and a do-rag and my own cock stiffened at the sight of this black Adonis. He chuckled quietly because he knew I was a faggot and couldn't hide my torrid desire for big, hard, black mans dick-meat.I wanted him badly and the Meth made it even worse.....My inhibitions were stifled and my inner cock-loving queer wanted out! "Sit on my lap faggot." He growled deeply, his voice echoing in the empty shower room.I shuddered in horny anticipation and fear.I turned my back to him and stuck my rear-end out as far as I could. I opened my stance and straddled his powerful thighs then arched my back as I sat down slowly on his massive, vein etched boner. The fleshy, granite spike pressed my sleek ass lips apart and I squealed as his plum sized knob popped in. "Skreeeeeeaaarrghhh!!!", I wailed, "It'ssss sooooo b-biiiig!!!""Shut the fuck up Faggot and sit down on my big Nigger dick!"I did as I was told and sheepishly stifled my agonized grunts and moans as I lowered my creamy, white tush onto the big studs' mammoth fuck pillar.My cunt spasmed as his cock invaded my inner sanctum. I sat down further on his lap and even more creamy nectar pulsed out of my quivering dick. My anus stretched taut around his girth."Ahhhh F-fuuuck!" I stammered.My elastic cunt-lips stretched so wide I thought I could hear it strummed tight like a rubberband. I felt so full I could feel him in my chest and my prostate spasmed crazily as his oiled plank packed my cunt. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooohhhhhh!", I cooed softly. "My pussy f-feels s-s-s-ssssoooooo full.....P-pleeeease let me have some more l-lube?" I begged him. He reached around and gripped my throat with one hand and my leaking cock with the other. He squeezed my windpipe and pulled my body down hard. I choked and tried to gasp air as he buried all 13 inches of his steely trunk up my faggot cunt. My guts surged and my anus clutched crazily as my semenal glands were assaulted by his size. A handful of pre-cum splurted out of my dick and the sensation of an orgasm racked my body. I tried to scream in primal ectasy and agonizing surprise but no air came out. The room dimmed and my vision left me as I began to pass out. I flopped weakly atop the big black bull but he held me still and released my throat just in time. I gasped and choked in desperate breaths of oxygen as my eyes widened and my panic instinct kicked in. My guts clenched and spasmed and my muscles tensed as I tried to hop off of him. He held me still as I squirmed and grunted, confused and over-stimulated by the semi-**** that was happening to me. I began to cry and moan as the bull wriggled me around on his hefty boner. It stirred my guts and raked my sweet-spot hard. After a few seconds, I settled down and let him take control of my body. My asshole gaped and clenched at his girth and my belly quivered in weak acceptance of the massive club which filled it. I whimpered in submissive delight when Roscoe lifted me, scooped jism off of my swollen, trussed balls and used it to lube my bruised fuck-hole. I whispered thanks as he lowered me back down onto his slimy cock. I began to squirt little spurts of clear fluid as we began to fuck. I was starting to like being sodomized by him and I bounced my fanny around on his lap in short, rapid thrusts."AaaaaawwwwwwwwGaaaawwwwd!" I wailed as pleasure replaced pain. "OOOOhhhhhMMMMyyyyyyGaaaaawwwwwd! My b-b-butth-h-hoooole!!!" I was delirious in my speech as I lost myself in homosexual abandon. I gave him my asshole, arching my back, sticking my rear-end out and lifting myself so that his hands cupping my ass-cheeks and his slippery nigger dick in my faggot butthole were the only things holding me up. I was being skewered and humped like a sissy-whore and I loved him for doing it to me. I wanted nothing more than to pleasure him, to satisfy his carnal wants and to get seeded with his boiling black mans cock broth.....I wished he would cum in me every hour of every day....I wanted to be made his white, faggot, prison bitch and wanted him to trick my faggot pussy to all his hunky, thug prison mates. I wished he'd have me gang ****d....I must remember to ask him. I sobbed brokenly as he fucked my hungry twat and begged him to impregnate me."Fuckin' bitch ass white-boys always come out wantin' dick up they ass" He chided. "You my fuckin' punk-assed fuck whore now faggot? Huh Pussy-boy?!?! Tell Roscoe what you want faggot! Squeal like the fuckin' pig you are!! Fuckin' perverted faggot! You aint nothing but a black mans cum hole!!", He grunted as he lifted and dropped me up and down on his foot-long seed-spitter. My belly shook as his cock knob slipped past my bladder and into my gut again and again."AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW Y-yyyyeaaaaah!!!" I wailed. "**** my cunt daddy!!! Breed my ass-pussy with your fuck-seed! I wanna be bred by your hot, creamy baby batter!!! I want you to seed my faggot pussy and knock me up with your sperm daddy!!"I was babbling filthy talk and voicing my uninhibited desires now. I tried to watch my tongue but he seemed to enjoy my candor and began plugging me harder and deeper. His monster dick was knocking on my lungs and I gagged each time he buried his it up inside me. I could feel him distending and un-bending my colon with his enormous, rock-hard pillar of stud meat. It felt like a baseball bat was ramming my butt-pussy and battering my belly. I swooned and purred in un-abashed pleasure as he continued to sodomize me in the prison barracks toilet.He fucked me like a loose whore for about fifteen minutes, stopping every few strokes to bury his oily tool to the hilt before rolling his hips and stirring it around inside me. Whenever he'd do that, my clutching anus would spasm widly as my prostate got worked over. Cloudy splooge would spurt from my flailing prick in thick, spermy dollops. I whimpered and moaned weakly as I let him sodomize my manhood away. My own splooge alternately built up within me then was fucked out of me."I'm'na fuck you 'til you love me faggot!!" He whispered. "You 'bout ta get knocked up like a bitch ass white girl!" He grabbed my smooth, shaven genitalia and held me up on his massive piston so that only the drooling snout of it was nestled inside me. He pulled and tugged me around by my nuts so as to rotate my fanny around on him. "Relax yo' self sissy....Let ol' Treyshawn work yo' shit" He growled in primal lust.Suddenly, he let go of me and dropped me onto his greasy horse-dick. My asshole was instantly impaled with all 13-inches of drooling nigger cock. His knob-tip bottomed out way up inside my belly and pierced my gut causing semen to sluice out of my throbbing prick. I shreiked and screamed in surprised delight as an unbearable wave of perverted rapture washed over my shuddering form. I began to squirt creamy volleys of semen all over our joined pelvises. I laquered his big, muscular thighs with jism and white washed my own hairless pubic mound. Cum spurted up onto my chest, neck and face as I convulsed like an epileptic, skewered upon that massive truncheon. "Uh huh!!! Uhhhhnnnn!!! Yeah Faggot!! Here I come sissy!!! TAKE MY NUT FAGGOT!!!! FEEL IT KNOCKING YO' PUSSY UP!!! TAKE IT UP YO' CUNT FAGGOT!! FUCKIN' SUCK MY DICK WIT' THAT FAGGOT PUSSY!!!! MILK IT!! FAGGOT ASS BITCH!!!!! FEEL ME PLANTIN' MY SEED UP IN YOU LIKE A PUSSY-WHORE!!?!?!" His filthy, climax-induced talk was making me even more weak and drunk with filthy perversion. He reached around and pinched my erect nipples hard. My chest, abs and glute muscles constricted and I writhed crazily in the handsome thugs lap. His quivering seed-spitter was pumping pint after pint of spermy nigger cum up into my fertile belly. My vaginal, man-cunt clutched desperately at its base, squeezing, coaxing and milking as much of that precious baby-batter as it could up into my eager womb. His bull meat twitched and convulsed as it issued its nectar and he held me down on it so as to inject the stuff into my very soul. I cooed and whimpered, sobbing brokenly and ejaculating wildly into the air around us. Cum splattered all over the place and the liquid sound of male fuck-fluid squished and bubbled an echo in the piss-odored, tiled room.I craned my head around to glimpse my black master as he finished seeding my pussy and he cupped my jaw in one firm, wet grasp. I opened my mouth to moan and he suddenly spit down my throat. I swallowed his syrupy spittle and rolled it around in my gullet. He did it a few more times before ramming his thick, negro tongue down my neck like a man possessed. I sucked at his full, wet mouth and gave him my oral submission. We frenched kissed frantically as we both finished emptying our balls. My belly gurgled and swished, filled with a quart of slimy, spermy fuck-seed. I felt knocked up and girlish. I swirled my rear around, stirring my guts with his still erect pillar as he kissed me. My asshole was gooey-wet and sloppy with cock-broth and it gaped around the penile plug, leaking and burping sperm. He choked me with his licker and I gagged readily on it, happy and content at having pleasured my dark, prison-daddy.To Be Continued............................
04-06-2021, at 11:27 PM

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