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my wife's fantasy come true

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my wife's fantasy come truehi my name is joe and i'm going to tell you all how I made my wife's swimming pool fantasy come true ;she told me about her pool fantasy yrs ago when we were younger and I had forgotten all about it until a few weeks ago I was watching movies on Netflix and as always I read what its about who's in it and so on it looked interesting so I started watching it and on one scene it had a couple that were making out in the pool and out of nowhere I remembered my wife telling me about it being one of her fantasies to make love in a swimming pool (yrs ago we were playing truth or dare and she was dared to tell everyone playing her sexual fantasy which turned out to be her pool fantasy)i'm sure she too had forgotten about it since it had been so long ago that she told me but there it was in my mind and I just couldn't stop thinking how I could give her this without her knowing in advance she was about to have her fantasy come true so I looked for a place that I knew was nice yet one where I could give her this fantasy and we wouldn't be caught and thrown out it had to be a safe place we went to because it would be a public pool and we didn't want to get mugged or held up yet it needed to be a quiet place where guests wet to bed early so we could get in and have her fantasy pool fuck and not have the cops on us by a guest or passer byI looked high and low for a safe yet public place but I just couldn't get everything I needed to fit in one place it was to busy or not safe enough or near a interstate where there was traffic all the time I had just about given up when I ran into my boss who had found out I was looking fo a nice place to take my wife for her date night and he asked if I had found a place I said I had been looking every where and couldn't find a motel with a pool and some privacythe boss told me he knew where I could rent a house or cabin for a couple of days and up if I didn't mind the pricethe idea was a great one but the prices he told me we just as great but not in a deal wise just in prices they wanted anywhere from 2000 for 2 days up to 10'000 for a month I dint have that kind of money in my bank acct and I told him the prices were way out of my range and I just couldn't afford it he said that he would rent a house every yr for a month and would invite other couples to join them and theu would each pay an equal partof the moneyI knew I wanted to do it so I stared asking my friends who were married if they would be interested in sharing the price with us it took a few days but I finally got 3 couples and join us and we called my boss he gave me a name and number and I made the callas it turns out this house we were trying to rent was a time share house where other people live in it for a certain amount of time then move back home and since I had 3 other couples and were first time buyers he had a special offer that would give us the house for 8000 for two months if we were willing to wait a week to move in and told us the time share buyers for this time had not showed up or given any notice and if we waited until he was certain they wouldn't be returning then for 8000 we could have the house for 6 weeks and then every year at this time we could move in and stay the entire two months as long as we paid the rent before the dead line so I told him we would take the deal and we went to his office and filled out the contract that week was the longest week I ever hadwhen it was finally time to move in we went to the address we were give and sure enough the man we had talked to about the house was there and when we first saw how big this place was I thought 8000 was a steal it was a big classy looking place with a big fenced front lawn with shrubs on each side a walk way besides the house that lead to the big back yard with a swimming pool in the middle with picnic tables on each side and lawn chairs on in front and rear of the pool the pool was surrounded with concrete walk ways that ended with a red brick side walk that led to the back part of the house the bedrooms were huge with hard wood floors and a private bathroom in each room walk in closets and a small side room that could be used as an office or a computer room the kitchen was so beautiful it has very big with an island for cooking on the other side there was a counter 6 ft long and 3 or 4 ft wide with drawers and cabnets for dishes and suchit had a walk in pantry with a big fridge and a freezer the kitchen faced to back yard and the French doors that led to the yard was all glass the place was truly beautiful there was a small pool room near the back of the yard with a walkway that lead to the pool the pool house was fulling equipped with fridge stove well just everythingafter we got over the shock we started moving things in we drew cards to figure who got to pick first to last we got the highest card and had our choice of bedroom we choose the room next to the back yard with a view of the pool and started moving our things inbefore we knew itit was passed 10 pm and we were all tired so we decided cooking wasn't the best idea so every one decided to go their own way some out to eat some carry out or delivery we had pizza delivered while two couples went out to eat the third decided to get burgers and went to pick them up leaving us alone for awhile I didn't try anything because I knew any one could walk in anytime and catch us in the pool fucking so I played it off and just cuddled with her as we watched tv and ate pizza it was almost midnight when we decided to go to bed and we all said our good nights and each couple went to their roomswhen 1 am came around I went out to look around see if every one was asleep so we could have the pool to ourselves and after making it around each door to listen for any sounds I figured all was clear and it was time for my wife's fantasy to come true so I walked up to her and slowly shook he to wake her up she woke up and turned around to face me I told her I couldn't sleep and asked if she would like to take a walk around the back yard and added that that might be what I needed to fall asleep was to hold her in my arms and walk around and talked she was in her night gown as I told her she was beautiful I took her hand and lead her towards the door and them out to the back yardshe had her head laying on my shoulder and wasn't paying attention where I was taking her until we were standing next to the pool as I turned her to look at me I was pulling off her nightgown she tried to stop me from undressing her but I wouldn't have it I pulled it off her leaving her totally naked with her arms crossed over her tits trying to hide them I quickly strip of my clothes and lead her to the edge of the pool and as I was slowly lowering my hands towards her ass I whispered that her swimming pool sexual fantasy was about to become true and smiled at her as my hands cuped her ass she let out a whimper and as I kissed her I was slowly pulling her to the steps that went into the pool she didn't fight it she followed my lead and soon I had her in he pool neck deep and was now in full control of her she was doing anything I wanted of her as I kissed her deeply she reached back took my hands and pulled they to the front and as she was placing my hand on her pussy she pull out of the kiss and asked how I knew this had always been her fantasy I reminded her of the truth or dare and she remembered instantly and hugged me hard around my neck and thanked me for making it come true and kissed me passionately as she was stroking my cock with one hand and rubbing my hand on her pussy with her other I had never seen her so excited before and I pulled her to me and worked her to the shallow end til her nipples were just under water I had her exactly how I wanted her with her legs spread and her nipples bouncing in and out of the water and as I began to lick playfully with her nipples she was getting into a different level of hot and closing in on wild she had taken my finger and slipped it into her pussy and was now finger fucking herself with my finger I kept playfully sucking her nipples and started my way to her tits she was starting to moan now I knew how loud she could be when she had her orgasms and that glad me a little bit worriedI wasn't going to go any farther until she had calmed down but I didn't get to make that choice before she said she wanted me to eat her pussy while in the pool I pulled her a few steps away from the edge and had her lay her arms on the pool and hold herself there as I lifted her legs and put them on my shoulders as I walked into her' her legs slid down until her knees were on my shoulders and her pussy was close enough to my face I could eat her pussy as she was laying on the top of the water with her tits above and visiiable to any one looking or passing by any of the many windows the house hadbut she either didn't care or wanted to be seen either way she was in high fuck me mode and she want about to let anything keep her from getting her way by now I had my face deep into her pussy and was giving her the best I had to offer as far as licking sucking and playing with her clit and pussyand she was in extasy as her pussy would have each orgasm she would get a little louder and a lot more verbal and what she was saying was hard for me to believe I never thought she could get this excited she ahs in mid orgasm when I heard her tell me the only thing that was missing from my fantasy was people because her fantasy took place in a public pool with people all around she let me know how much she loved me giving herher fantasy that at this moment she was willing to do or try anything I wanted her to and she wrapped her legs around my neck and pulled my face in hard and screamed out oh yes joe you're so good at eating my pussy and let another orgasm start her nasty talk get even louder than it had been before and what she was saying she told me take your cock and I want you to shove every bit of it in my pussy and I want you to do that with 1 hard thrust so I can feel your cock as its stretching my cunt so much I scream in pleasure until you have my cunt stretched so wide that when you make me cum it will just flood out of my loose cunt and continue down my legs she was so hot that it scared me of how hard and powerful the orgasms she was having was effecting her mind because her mouth was saying things I wouldn't have dreamed she would say were just flowing out of mouthI noticed a light on in one of the bedrooms but didn't let her know someone was awake I knew that would make this worse then I heard her say the one thing every man wants to hear but never hears itshe said she was mine and she wanted me to know I could have anything I wanted from her and asked which position I wanted to fuck her in and my first though was on the lawn chair with her legs towards the door and she got up and did as I said and it was such a thrill to know I had control of my wife in a way I never thought possibleafter only a few mins I told her to stand up bend over and grab her ankles she instantly did do and I knew this was my chance to full fill many of the things I had always wanted to try with herevery few mins I was having her change positions from bend over to doggie style then to missionary with her legs over my shoulders after that I had her ride me in both ways followed by her sucking my cock im front of the big picture window it seemed like the more positions I put her into would get her more excited and I was having many many wild thoughts on positions she was getting her cunt fucked by me in so many different positions she went from wild to a level of sexual extasy I had never know any woman to go she wanted to let her try positions that were impossible to get into but she was trying them allon the tables she used every chair and table she had then on the lawn chairs she has on one knee on the chair one leg over my shoulder and my cock pounding her cunt I could see her cunt lips had swelled twice the normal size which made her pussy look even tighter than before and I just had to eat her cunt again this time I had her on the table on all fours and ate her pussy from behind then from the edge of the table as I sat on the chair how we ended up in the pool room I cant remember but I fucked her in every room and piece of furniture in that place before it was all said and done as we were walking back to the house we noticed some of the couples were awake and in the kitchen I asked if she wanted to we could go back to the pool room she smiled and said she was fine just like this and kept walking towards the house right before we went in I heard her say that she had noticed we had watchers since about half way through the sex and that had only made her want more and more of them watching me and her fucking and with that she opened the French doors and greeted every one with hi and hellos then we went to our room and laid down holding each other and fell asleep completely naked and with the door to our room left wide open
04-07-2021, at 02:08 PM

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