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My friends left me

Post #1

My friends left meI went out drinking with 2 long time girlfriends that I hadnt seen for years now even though weve kept in touch.We went out alot during and after high school and they pulled shit like this before but nothing ever happened sexually back then.Tonight though was a different story.We got together and went out to eat and talk .I wasnt planning on staying out late and diffently wasnt planning on having sex.After we ate we decided to go to a bar and have afew drinks and talk about what weve been doing over the yrs.The bar wasnt to full but soon it seemed to pack in a bunch of horny guys.We were getting hit on big time and I knew I had to get home, so I called my husband and told him Id be home soon.My friends drove me to the bar so I didnt have a way to leave and I figured they were going to take me to my car but instead we sat there and got drunk with 2 hot guys that were alot younger than us.At closing time we walked out to my girlfriends car and those guys wanted us to follow them to their apartment to have afew more drinks.I told my girlfriends to drop me off at my car as we took off but they talked me into going with them and said we wouldnt stay long so I agreed ans we followed those guys.I had to pee real bad but waited till we got there. Those guys had to releave themselves first then one of my girlfriends went to pee and took what seemed like an hour before comming out.I then went to the bathroom and when I came out my fucking friends left me!I couldnt fucking believe it. Those bitches still hadnt grown up after all these yrs.I called them and they were laughing and they said have fun then hung up.Meen while those guys had a porn on the TV and it was 2 guys doing a fat ass chick like me.I was embarressed nodoubt and said why would you be watching that fat ass bitch and they said they loved fat women.I then said good but you guys are to young for me and they said they loved older women more then ones their age. I then told them I wasnt their to have sex and that I needed to get to my car and get home.My girlfriends had just played a prank on me and nothing was going to happen between us.Like I said before , those guys were hunks, big tight bodies, strong, hot and horny.Why me, and would they be able to do me like I want?So as I politely asked them for a ride they asked me if they could have sex with me, they wanted me to strip for them and I laughed and thought yea right, Id turn them off if they saw my body.I then said why dont you guys strip for me first and they wasted notime even as I told them I was just k**ding.Wow, talk about turn on, they were super hot, sexy as hell and they were equiped with nice hard cocks, they both were shaving down their too.I melted as I got really wet sitting on that sofa then they came over to me and one of them helped me up.They took turns kissing me while both of them felt me up while taking my cloths off.I just had on some jeans with panties that I wouldnt want any guys to see me in. A loose hooded sweatshirt and my bra.I helped them pull my pants off and as I did I pulled my panties off with them so they didnt see them.I then told them Id take my bra off but Id keep my shirt on, so I did and they loved the way I looked standing there in my hooded sweatshirt that zips up front. I also put my clogs back on that are high heeled.Those guys had me pull the zipper down too show more cleavage but soon had it zipped way down to expose my breasts. They went for them like babies wanting milk and they sucked on them as if they were going to get some. I started stroking their hard cocks and they got bigger.Tey started talking real dirty to me telling me how they were going to do me and they werent k**ding as they got me off fingering and rubbing my pussy .I wanted to fuck so bad and after telling them that they wouldnt, 'men' so instead they had mesucking them both, They wanted to see how much I could take and I almost blew chuncks and I wasnt close to getting either one of there cocks in my mouth.Finally one of them got behind me and bent me over and then went down on me.My legs almost gave out as I was getting off , it felt so fucking good.I sucked cock as he ate me then he got up and wasted notime putting his cock deep into my pussy.He fucked me so hard and fast almost lifting me off the ground.They switched positions then had me lay on the couch with my head hanging over the end.I got off so good that way and as I was getting off again my mouth was then filled with hot cumand it wasnt just a little load but the most Id ever felt at once.He grabbed my head and said to swallow it all up. and the other guy said do it and he was going to do the same to me.They both started calling me a hot slut, milf, whore, nasty bitch, fat, chubby, phat ass, and a bunch of other names and then the guy fucking me pulled out and stuffed his cock into my mouth that was full of cum then he unloaded the biggest load and I gaged it, I wanted to spit it out buy couldnt as he held my head and pounded his cock in my mouth, I somehow swallowed alot of it but still had so much in my mouth then I felt him tighten up and he shot more cum into my mouth and I pulled away, I then spit out onto my hand the cum that was in my mouth and it was like the most Id ever seen, my hand was cupped and was full.Those guys laughed as they saw it too and were like you gotta swallow it. I wasnt about to so I went to put it on my shirt but one of them tried to grab my arm and as he did I spilled it between my breasts. I then rubbed it all over and they loved watching me do that.One of them got his phone out and took a picture of me like that, I ended up telling them Id hook up with them again soon if they gave me a ride to my car and thats the way it went.I came home and told my husband what happened and he loved it too then I took my shirt and bra off and showed him all the cum stains and he couldnt believe how much of it was showing.He then had me suck his cock then he fucked me till he got off and then he added to Im telling you guys my story and then Im going to go and find one or more of you guys to show you on cam. Hope your lucky to see it because I want you to see it too. xxxooos
04-07-2021, at 02:08 PM

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