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Annie Pistol Lips

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Annie Pistol LipsAmerica. The wild west. 1886.Folk out here on the frontier, tell of a mighty fine legend.The mere mention of a certain name, sends chills down honest folks backs.Annie "Pistol Lips" Creamhide.Why, she's the most feared outlaw on the plains!She's as deadly as she is beautiful.She's wanted in all 39 states of America. She's so feared, she even stole 2 states from Mexico just to show everyone that she could!We join this fearsome cowgirl out on the dusty hillside. She's sat atop her prized Mustang mare, "Gail Force".She's holding a pair of binoculars to her brown eyes."Well, sweety, I think we're in for a mighty fine pay day, today!"She cheered to her loyal horse as she eyed a rolling train in the distance.She pulled her red flannel neckerchief up over her mouth and nose."Yah!"She dug her spurs into the horse's ribs, and with a loud neigh, the horse took off like lightening down the hill.She galloped hard, racing through the land like a bullet, leaving nothing but dust in their wake.Within minutes, she had caught up to the thundering steam train.She stood up onto the horse's broad back, and jumped off onto the back of train.With her colt 45. revolver drawn, she headed into the passenger carriage.*BANG!*With a loud shot in the air, every passenger on board jumped out of their skins.They all turned and looked to see the dreaded curves of the figure stood at the bottom of the carriage."Howdy, folks! Your on-board entertainment has arrived!"She sneered with an evil smirk as she pulled out a burlap sack from the pocket of her coat with her free hand."Y'all know the drill, don'tcha? Take out ya money and your valuables, and place them neatly into this here sack o' mine."She started to menacingly advance towards the first row of seats.Everyone stared in horror.Some were too nervous to look.But others took in the sight of this beautiful young looking woman, wearing a long black leather duster coat. A red blouse shirt was underneath the jacket, although the black leather corset she had over the shirt combined with the 3 upper buttons of the blouse being undone around her bust made her well-endowed breasts look even more bigger and plumper. They were just straining to pop out!It seems the only thing stopping her tits from doing that, was the bandolier of bullets hanging around her neck, with a leather pistol holster around her waist.On her legs were black leather chaps over a pair of pale dark blue jeans.To complete the look, she had dark snakeskin knee-high heeled boots on her feet. and a black stetson hat with red trim on her head, with her long black hair flowing down underneath it.As she walked, the spurs on her heels made a thudding clinking sound."In the bag."She ordered a passenger at gunpoint, who duly dropped his pocket-watch into the sack."Come on, sugar, mama doesn't have all day."She turned her pistol onto the woman beside the man, who nervously dropped her pearl necklace into the sack.She walked up the whole carriage, taking everyone's valuables and monies.She finally came to the last row of seats."What's ya name, sweetheart?"She asked a pretty looking woman who was shaking nervously in her seat."J.. Jessica..."Her lip trembled as she spoke."Jessica... Mighty fine, sexy name ya have!"Annie winked flirtatiously as she stroked the barrel of her revolver delicately against her cheek.The young lady, with hands a-tremble, dropped some dollar notes into the sack."Puh... Please don't kill me..."She pleaded to the fearsome outlaw."Shhhh... You're a good girl, aren't'cha?"Annie asked her as she leaned down, resting a hand on Jessica's knee as she removed the red bandana from her face."I don't shoot good girls."She then suddenly forced her mouth onto Jessica's, taking her breath away with a great big sloppy snog!"I only smooch 'em!"Annie declared as her lips smacked back away from Jessica's."Oh my...!"Jessica's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she fainted in her seat with a hand clutching her chest.Annie just chuckled to herself as she stood up strait."You zink you are some kind of, errr, big shot?"A strange male voice suddenly cut through the air.Annie's eyes turned to the doorway of the carriage, where a man with darkish skin stood with his pistol drawn at her."Excuse me, pard'ner? I don't appreciate y'all interrupting my li'l robbery here."She scoffed as she trained her gun onto him."I vill not sit by and allow some tart who plays cowgirl and, er, robs my fellow passengers."He spoke in his thick accent."Oh? Ya reckonin' ya some kind of noble hero?"She smirked."Non. I intend to take ze riches for mah'self! I don't want the, er, scraps you leave behind, no?"His eyes narrowed."That's too bad, sugar. You look like the kinda fella who would enjoy having my sloppy seconds!"She taunted him."Vat do you mean, sloppy seconds?"He gasped."Wait a cotton-pickin' minute here! ...That accent... Your skin... My, if'n I'm not mistaken, you must be The Frenchman?!"Annie's eyes lit up."Oui, mon cher. It is I.""Well cover ma grits in gravy and lick it up, it is my lucky day!"She cheered, almost dropping her gun as she celebrated her good fortune."Why are you so happy about zis?"He asked bemused."Well, correct me if I'm wrong, darlin', but there's a bounty out on ya head for $25,000. Jackpot!"She explained with an excited squeal."Pah! Many a better gunman than you has tried to, er, cash in on my bounty before. And all have failed!""True. But none of them cowpokes were me!"She bleeted."Fair enough, I see where zis is going. I, er, challenge you to a duel!"He sneered."Really, a duel? OK, that suits me.""As I am a, er, fine gentleman, I do not wish to shoot such a pretty woman... But alas, I do as I must!"He lowered his gun and bit his lip.Annie also lowered her gun and stepped into the middle of the aisle.They both holstered their guns as they stood and faced each other.Everyone else on board cowered in their seats."On ze count of trois.""Bring it."Annie narrowed her eyes."Un..."He counted."Deux..."*BANG!*Annie had shot the handle of his pistol, knocking it clean out of it's holster."Vat the hell?! I did not count trois!!"He screamed in anger as he went to turn and pick up his gun off the floor."Uh-uh!"Annie stopped him with her loud grunt, aiming her sights right for his head."Boy, you must be dumber than a bag o' wet mice!"She chuckled as he stopped in his tracks."So now vat? You will shoot me?"He asked, showing small sign of fear."On your knees."She ordered him at gunpoint.He nervously knelt down."Reach for the sky."She ordered. He lifted and held his hands up above his head as she walked up to him."Now open wide..."His lips started to tremble as Annie stroked the end of her gun across them."Open..."She even opened her own mouth to show him what to do.He nervously lowered his jaw as he looked up, confused, into Annie's eyes as she rubbed and teased the barrel over his lips, pushing the tip of the gun into his mouth."I could just pop a slug down your throat... But you're worth far more to me alive."She explained as she continued to slowly rub and push the gun in and out of his mouth."Suck it.""Huh?"He groaned."Suck my gun..."She smirked as his nervously locked his lips around it, and began to suckle on it."Mmmmmm good boy... This isn't your first time sucking a lady's gun, is it?"She giggled as she teased him. All the other passengers watched on, too scared to act."Careful now... You don't want to suck it too good... It might just go off in your mouth!"She laughed before she pulled it out, and pushed the sole of her boot onto chest, making him fall over backwards.She then grabbed the lasso attached to her belt, kicked him onto his stomach, reached down, and tied his wrists and ankles together with the rope. She then picked up the sack of loot, grabbed the collar of his jacket, and dragged him to the exit of the train.She waited until the train slowed down as it veered towards a turning, and kicked her hog-tied bounty off the train, soon jumping down to join him as he rolled down the small mound of dirt."So vat? You going to just drag me into the next town?"He asked through pained groans on the dusty ground."Quiet you. I might still pop ya even if it means only getting half of the reward money."She kicked his leg.Once the noise from the train faded into the distance, she placed her fingers to her pursed lips, and loudly whistled.After a few long minutes, the sound of galloping hooves that gradually got louder, approached them.Gail Force had arrived.After a big struggle, with a lot of effort, Annie had managed to pick up and place The Frenchman across the broad muscly back of Gail, who kicked her legs out and moved around unsettled."Shh. Shh. Good girl. I know, I know, he smells, but you need to carry him for me."She cooed to her horse, offering the b**st comforting strokes on her long face, which settled her down."Pardon? I do not smell! I use only the finest of parfums and soaps!"Her captive bounty protested."Really? You must be the first frenchmen to ever do that...!"She cheekily replied as she tied more rope around him, securing him firmly to Gail Force."Grrr...!"He snarled."This, by the way, is The Frenchman."She introduced him to Gail Force, as though the horse understood what she was saying. "Gail Force, meet The Frenchman. Frenchman, meet Gail Force.""What kind of a stoopid name is 'Gail Force' for a, er, cheval?"He scoffed,"Is it because you believe zis animal to be, er, fast like ze wind?""Not exactly..."Annie curled her lip.And, as if almost on cue, Gail Force lifted her big bushy black tail up, and ripped a thunderous fart out that lasted almost 15 whole seconds!"Sacre bleu!!"The Frenchman cried out in anguish."Oh baise ce cheval puant! Zat fucking reeks!!"He continued to groan in disgust, desperately trying to get loose form his restraints so he could pinch his nose.Annie just laughed and patted the horse proudly on her big bulky thigh."Yep, my good ol' Gail Force!""You could at least move me so zat my head isn't facing ze arse end!"He whined."Nah, don't think I will. I got you all tied up nice an' neatly. I ain't goin' to undo that just for your comfort."Annie refused and then saddled up onto Gail's back."Sorry, sugar, ya just goin' have to put up with it, is all..."She kicked her spurs and off they galloped."Don't worry, the next town is only a day's ride away. You can put up with a li'l bit o' gas until then, can't'cha?"She asked sweetly as they rode."Fuck you, et votre cheval stupide, votre putain de salope!"He replied in his anguished voice."Sorry I don't speak French. I'm just goin' to go ahead and assume you're OK with that."She smirked and chuckled to herself.After many hours, and many miles, they stopped for a rest at a watering hole, allowing Gail Force to have a drink and a bit of a sleep.As Annie filled her cask up with fresh water, she looked around.Something was odd...It was as if she could sense danger in the air..."Shh. You hear that?"She asked The Frenchman."Vat? Probably just ze estomac rumblings of your, er, gassy horse..."He replied."No, it's not that... Hmm..."Annie cautiously surveyed the tall grass and hills around them."..Meh. If anyone's out there, they'll know better than to mess WITH THE FINEST GUNWOMAN IN THE LAND!"She declared with the volume of her voice getting louder as she spoke.All quiet around her.She shrugged her shoulders, got up and started to walk back over to Gail and The Frenchman.Suddenly, all hell broke loose!With lots of hooves galloping, and screaming, and ululating voices.A real dustbowl of frantic furious energy swamped both Annie and her captive.Within moments, she was disarmed and on her knees in front of a group of semi-naked savages. All of whom had drawn their bows onto her.With a defeated sigh, Annie lowered her head."Well... Shit."----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------End of Part 1.
04-15-2021, at 01:21 PM

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