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QVC Julia: The Affair Part 6 - Revenge of the Mrs

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QVC Julia: The Affair Part 6 - Revenge of the MrsQVC Julia: The Affair Part 6 ? Revenge of the MrsFrom the view of the Mrs.As I closed my hotel door and walked across the corridor to open her door, the anger was still there, but what had surprised me was how turned on I was. Ever since I watched that video and Charlie and Claire, and even bought some lingerie. I felt different somehow. I?d even bought a tool kit and was turned on about what I was going to do with.When I entered the room, I was very quiet. I could hear Julia resting, she was just round a slight corner, so I was out of sight but no more than 5 metres away from that bitch who had teased and possibly fucked by Dale. Firstly, I opened my tool bag and got changed. On went my gimp mask and my sexy lingerie. I decided that I didn?t want Julia to know who it was, not that she would recognise me and maybe give her a freight, well I certainly looked freaky in it. I had bought my equipment over the past 6 weeks, so new it all worked well. The gimp mask was comfortable enough. I wanted to feel sexy, that?s why I bought some lingerie. I bought a pearl thong, as I liked the feel of the pearls against my clit as I got on with my business. I then put on a mesh type bra, I didn?t need any support and needed to move freely. I slipped on my 6-inch heels, they made me well over 6 feet. Along with carrying a far bit of weight. I would have a threatening disposition. I giggled to myself as I put my lingerie on. Not only due to the cold sensation of the pearls tight against my pussy, but Dale. I put this outfit on for him two nights ago. I?ve never been like this before and then suddenly within a couple of months he gets me in some sexy lingerie. He wasn?t interested as was the norm but he seemed to make the effort. He kept saying his cock was sore. Sore from wanking off all the time to that bitch, just 5 metres away from me I thought.But I wasn?t as upset. I had bought this lingerie for his favourite sexual fantasy mistress. They were for my pleasure, whilst I humiliated her. I picked up my open bag by the handles, keeping it wide open as I quietly, in my heels, walked to see Julia.As I looked at her all defenceless and vulnerable, I saw what Dale liked. Julia was in good shape for a woman well in her fifties and was curvy. She had quite toned arms and legs but did have a belly on her. Her loved big boobs and she certainly had them. They were quite saggy, with stretch marks on them, but they were big and were very inviting. Her areolas were darker than I thought; round and big, in fact perfectly symmetrical. Her hair was far too dark and long for a woman of her age and she had a fair amount of make up on. No doubt she fancied herself buying any outfit like this and prancing around in it before she got put to sleep.Oh, how I was going to enjoy humiliating her. I couldn?t decide if it would be more enjoyable doing this with her knowing it was me. The freight it would give her while I administered the tool kit on her. But the thought of her never knowing, may in fact, be even more scary for her.Firstly, I got my rope out and gently tied her hands and feet to each post. I made sure this was an expensive hotel, full four poster experience. I rested a pillow under her head. In doing so I looked at her face. In the process I got my makeup wipes out and carefully wiped every bit of that face. Truth was she was still attractive and didn?t look her age, which did disappoint me. As I stood back, she did look so vulnerable. I don?t know why I did what I did next. It wasn?t in the plan. I figured as she had, maybe double the dose, she would be quite knocked out. Something drew me towards her boobs. The way I can positioned her made them look like two mountains bulging out of the open cup circles, all that excess flesh oozing out. Like her overall skin complexation, Julia had quite olive toned skin. Her boobs were too. I could imagine her going topless on holiday, not just for the attention of men, but for vanity, to make sure she had no tan lines. I gentle touched her nipples and saw them become erect. I then felt myself gently squeezing them one at a time, observing every stretch mark, wrinkle and small mole, ripple softly and gently lay back to rest. I even ticked them and then sucked them. I felt myself get a bit wet. These were what Dale had been wanking off. Teased by. Mislead by. Maybe he never got to taste them as I just had done. I then peered in between her legs, lifting the baby doll dress. Not surprisingly, this slut had no pants on. I then fingered around her pussy, almost like a gynaecologist. Examining it. Wondering is it tight in there. One thing for sure it would be once I?d played with it. Finally, I put a silky blind fold on her head. I laid out a few toys and I checked my clock; I had a few minutes. I suddenly found myself playing with my pussy, pushing the pearls against my clit looking at Julia, highly turned on. I then dabbed around her nose and saw her start to switch. I gently started to stroke her with my tickle feather, especially around he areolas, under her arm pits and feet. Whispering wakey, wakey. I could feel her body jiggling around more and more. She giggled. She seemed to be enjoying it. I sped it up until she was moving all over the bed, not being able to contain herself. Then I started whipping her with the feather, then used it to tickle around her pussy. She was warmed up but didn?t seem to be scared. I got the 18-inch dildo out, no lube for our Julia, it?s going straight in. I attached it to the end of stick, to allow me extra grip and power. I wasn?t sure about a strap on. I rammed it right in as hard as I could. After the tickling, she wasn?t ready for that and she screamed. I found myself literally ramming it in and out, pounding he like a piece of meat, as she screamed and moaned, then I could hear giggling. What the fuck was happening here. I pounded her again with it. This was the biggest one I could buy. It was an 12 inches double dong dildo. I then got the vibrator out. She didn?t say anything just smiled and took a rest. I lifted her legs up, as high as I could. I noticed how small her feet were. She was spread out high and was slightly elevated. The pillow beneath her, had pushed her forward, leaving her head arched back looking at the ceiling. I then rested it against her pussy, letting all he spikey parts get to there areas and turned it on. She groaned.?Resting that big cock or yours for now. I?ve wanted that in me for ages.?What did she mean? Dale was not that big. Was it she thought it could be? Was she thinking of somebody else? I then got out the nipple honkers. I tried to get her boobs into them, and she was giggling. I was a bit rough, but I just couldn?t squeeze them in. I had tested them out on my ones, and they went on fine.?I love those?please tell me you have some oil to get them in.? She giggled.I tried again grunting almost over her face. Staring down at her whilst she giggled. I threw them back into my tool bag.?Next time bring that oil and put them on me. They make my nipples so sensitive. I love having all my nipples in there.? Julia said.I bet you do. I thought they would be a bit painful, clearly not for her. I looked down and did laugh to myself, they would have looked quite funny on her in that outfit. She was enjoying that vibrator too much for me. In fact, she was enjoying it all too much for me. I threw the vibrator still on into my tool bag and just put my full clenched hand into her pussy, as far as I could. I stretched it to it?s maximum. I was fist fucking her and how she screamed. The more I did it the more I felt turned on. I pulled it out and she screamed. It must have hurt and damaged her pussy, but somehow, I think she enjoyed it all.?Get that big dick in me know. I know it?s you, you horny b**st. Big D, I know it?s you.?Big D, as in Dale. His not big. It can?t be him. I was so confused. I couldn?t make out what was going on here. I didn?t want to speak. With all the movement, her blind fold must have got loose. I saw this, just at the right time.?A gimp mask. I can see a gimp mask. I?m not this kinky I?ll have you know.? Laughed Julia. I quickly tied it around her head without her seeing who it was.?Who have you been speaking to? I?m just not that kinky. You need to see Claire and Debbie if you want that.? She shouted out, still laughing.Fuck she means the Claire from the video. They must talk at work. I didn?t know who Debbie was though. This made me think Big D was Dale.?Is my body as good as you thought Big D. Do you like the dress I bought for you? I?ve seen you look down my top so many times. I thought. I would just leave them straight out, no messing around.? Julia flirted?I?ve heard about your reputation with the ladies from Debbie. I felt you in my mouth before and all I have wanted is to fuck you and have that great big dong in my pussy,? Julia added.?How I?? Julia continued.At that point I had pounded that 12 inch dildo in her pussy again. With her legs more spread out now and lifted higher, it really penetrated deep inside her. Surely this must have hurt her.?Oh big D?Oh big D?that great big black cock of yours. You b**st.? She screamed. I felt myself slow down for a second, it wasn?t Dale she thinking it was. He didn?t have a big cock and he wasn?t black. I felt relief. I had mixed feelings. Maybe I was wrong. I always thought why she would want a piece of Dale. She was too glamourous, too career minded for him. I still hated the way she flirted with him and made me feel. She deserved this pounding, but the more I did it, the more wet I got. I started pounding her again, then found myself fingering myself with my other hand.?You?re slowing down Big D.. I want to orgasm. I can?t even feel your manly thighs. Fuck. Your cock is even bigger than I remember.?I manged to detach the stick from the dildo and almost hold the dildo in position and I went right in between her legs. Trying to thrust around whilst fingering myself.?Oh yes. I love the feel of your body.?I was quite well built. So, I seemed to get away with this. I felt myself orgasm, just as Julia did. As I felt her pussy relax. I instantly went down on her. I wanted to taste every single drop of her. I had never done this before. It was all instinctive. I couldn?t control myself.?Oh big D.. What great sex. Kiss my pussy. You?ve pounded me so hard you b**st.?Her saying this, me licking out her pussy and glancing upwards at these mountain-like boobs rippling as Julia moved. I came again. I was all floppy and excited. What the fuck at happened. I had never felt like this before. I had never been with a woman before. The anger and my hated for Julia had built up for so many years. The kinky video of Charlie and Claire. The lingerie. The tool kit. I was a different woman. The moment of relief when I knew Big D wasn?t Dale. It all hit me at once. I?m not sure if it was Julia that turned me on. My humiliation plan wasn?t that. I had reformed myself. Years of sexual frustration with Dale. Now I felt like a woman. Fuck Julia. I don?t think it was because I was attracted to her. I was just turned on by everything. Maybe I was turned on that I made her cum, and she fucking loved every second of it. Unlike Dale. I?ve never cum like that before. Fuck Julia. Fuck Dale. I think I want a different life. I want sex like this. I thought back to the video of Charlie and Claire. It was Claire. Claire with her long legs and tight body. Her kinky leather pants and thong. Her sexual pleasures. It was her I wanted now. The woman who had tormented my Dale for years. Hated for the way she looked. No longer sure she had shagged Dale.I wasn?t concerned about the humiliation and punishment now. Claire, who had upset a friend so much. Sarah didn?t take her revenge properly like I tried, but it was her I wanted. I wanted to fuck Claire. I should feel bad, but I wanted to fuck Claire. I fingered myself again and got the vibrator out of the tool bag and used it on myself. Trying not to moan. ?Big D... Big D... have you put that vibrator on?Big D.?Fuck. A part of me still wanted to keep up the pretence of the situation. I liked her thinking I was big D. It may not have been the humiliation I wanted to serve but it was in many ways. I reached for the tickle feather and stretched out my spare hand and tickled her nipples. How Julia giggled and giggled. Wiggling around and around. Those big mountains dancing.?Big D? Big D? what have you done to me? I can?t stop giggling? you?re looking at my boobs now aren?t you. Aren?t you Big D??At that I came again. Fuck this was good. I put the tickle feather back in my tool bag and picked up the nipple honkers and put them in my tool bag. I thought I would have use for them all again. I then quickly got the vibrator and turn it up high and balanced it on her pussy again. She moaned. I licked. Actually, licked the 12-inch dildo. Tasting every drop. To me it was the taste of success. I put on my coat and importantly took off my gimp mask. One last look around the room and opened the door. As I closed it, I heard:?Big D? you left me tied up with a vibrator on? you horny b**st. You horny b**st.?I went into my room opposite quietly. I felt a mission was completed revenge was served. Nothing like I had planned. Julia may not have shagged Dale. Julia may not have been humiliated with pain and embarrassment today. But I did humiliate her. She thought that is was the person she had longed for fucking her like that. She enjoyed every minute of it. I wanted to know who this Big D was.Today I was Big D and I loved it. I felt so sexualised. I need to get rid of Dale and get Claire. I looked down at my phone and saw Julia still giggling around on that bed. I started playing with myself again. Watching her enjoyment. Watching her knowing I was all a fantasy for her. How I laughed and then cam again. I had a shower and got changed. I had to get into that room again to get my spy camera back. I thought how funny it would for Julia to get kicked out of that room tied up like that. So I had called for room service for her, when I went into the shower. I checked my phone and a poor innocent boy, no more than 18 went in to check on her. She did well too untangle herself so quickly, but he still saw her naked. Evidently my wish wasn?t quite as good as I would have liked. Julia didn?t seem too concerned. I looked out and saw her heading to her sports car. Looking all glam. I have no idea how Julia pulled that look of so quickly. She was limping a little. She must be sore. I saw her face from my window in that car for the last time. Smiling to herself as she drove off. Sure Julia. I thought. You didn?t get Big D after all. I laughed. I made sure I had the recording to make my little sex tape too, just like Sarah did. I wouldn?t be showing that Sarah though, I needed to be sure I could not be recognised in the gimp mask, giving out the treatment. I had it on Julia though.If she gets in my way again, well, I couldn?t see this enhancing her career, getting it in that way, screaming for Bid D?s dong. Either way, I was getting the impression I may well like to rewatch it for my own pleasure a fair few times. Then, I felt like fingering myself again.
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