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Tempted Moms Ch05: Summer Awakening (Part 2 of 2)

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Steffany was in her room contemplating what to wear. She held up a hot pink tiny string bikini she hadn?t worn in over ten years and found herself wondering what her son would think of it.Shockingly her pussy moistened at the notion that her son might actually get hard, and it scared her.Jesus, I have to stop thinking like this, she thought and settled on a more conservative pair of light blue shorts and a white halter top.?They?re here!? she heard and responded back with, ?I'll be right down."Steff entered the kitchen to see her friend Rachel already sitting at the counter wearing a very flattering white beach cover-up while their boys were out back by the pool."Thanks for coming," Steff cheered, hugging her girlfriend."My pleasure."Steff and Rachel chatted for a while before venturing out to the patio with some iced tea.They both sat down under a large sun umbrella that went through a glass patio table and watched their boys splash around in the pool.Steff and Rachel chatted and sipped their tea for about 20 minutes when they heard their sons yelling for them to join them."That's okay. You boys have fun!" Steff shouted back with a smile."You know it might be fun, Steff.""Really? Don't you think we're too old for pool shenanigans? Besides, I really don't have anything appropriate to wear.""You don't have a bathing suit?""Well, yes, I do. But I think it's just a little too revealing to wear in front of the boys."Rachel leaned over and, in a low tone, said, "What's the harm in arousing a couple of young men?" and stood up, removing her beach cover-up to reveal the small yellow bikini underneath."Jesus Rachel!" Steff replied in a shocked, laughing tone.Rachel stoutly stood with her hand on her hips and teased, "Well??? You up for some fun?"Steff rose, shaking her head, and testified, "This is crazy. But okay, I guess.""Be right there, boys. Randy's mom has to change," Rachel yelled and took Steff's hand, leading her into the house before she could change her mind."Really, Rachel, I can change myself.""I know. You just seemed a little hesitant about this.""Well, of course. I mean God. They're our sons," Steff replied as she walked into her bedroom."It's fine, trust me. I had doubts about it myself in the past. Now I find it exhilarating.""What do you mean?""Get changed, and I'll tell you."Steffany pulled out her tiny pink string bikini and changed while her friend told her about the first time she caught her son watching her take a shower."My god Rachel. Didn't you confront him?""No... Because I actually liked it. I liked it so much that I hoped he'd do it again.""Wait... What?" Steff stated a little disturbed by what her friend just said."Oh, and by the way, that suit looks great on you," Rachel gushed, standing in front of her, holding her arms out while looking her up and down."Thank you," Steffany replied, pulling her arms away before hesitantly adding, "And... Um... Did he watch you again?""He did, and I can't describe how turned on it made me."Steff sat on her bed, speechless as her mind struggled to comprehend what her friend had just told her, but then realized it wasn't much different than how she felt showing off that dress to her son.Pondering what Rachel said, she finally asked, "So was that the problem you told me that you helped him with?""Yes, and also mine.""Yours?"Rachel sat next to Steff and placed her hands on top of hers. Then, looking her straight in the eye, she said, "You don't have to be alone to be lonely. My husband hasn't excited me like that in years.""Oh..." was all Steff could say.Tapping Steff's hands, Rachel sat up and jested, "Enough of that. Let's get back to the boys.""Okay," Steff, still stunned, blurted out. Unsure of how she should react to this information, she blindly followed her friend back out to the patio."Wow, nice suit, Mom," Randy barked as both women sat at the edge of the pool."Thanks," Steff replied, feeling a little unassured with how tiny the bikini was.Rachel leaned over and whispered, "See, I told you he'd like it."Steff just lightly nodded as she bashfully gazed at the water while dangling her feet.After a while of talking with Rachel, she finally grew more comfortable and watched her son as he horsed around with Kyle in the pool.It was then that Randy saw her watching them and intentionally splashed her with some water. Kyle followed suit and splashed his mom."Oh, you little brats!" Rachel said, slipping into the pool before she splashed both of them.However, both boys ganged up and relentlessly splashed her back to the point where she finally yelled out, "Steff, help me!"Steffany eased into the pool, and all of them splashed wildly until Kyle went under the water and yanked his mother's feet out from under her.Randy smiled and was about to do the same but paused when his mother shook her finger and retorted, "Don't you dare."Brazenly he dove under and tried to grab her feet. But as Steff kept him at bay, he found himself staring at the thin material that barely covered her snatch and started to get stiff. Finally, unable to stay under any longer, he rose up in front of her with a raging boner.Steffany giggled and briskly yelped, "I told you not to do that.""I know, I know," Randy replied, bending over slightly in an effort to conceal his protruding appendage.Unaware of her son's predicament, Steff gazed upon her son's face and asked, "So, everything okay with you and Kyle?""Huh? Oh yeah, everything is fine," he responded as he tried to clear his mind from its dark sexual thoughts."Hey, let's play a game of chicken!" Kyle yelled."Oh, I'm not sure about that," said Steffany."Why not, Mom?""It's just that...well..." she replied, feeling her embarrassment coming back. It was one thing to dress skimpily in front of her son. It's another to sit on his shoulders wearing it. However, a strange feeling came over her when she thought about doing it, and she followed with, "Never mind if you're interested, I'm game.""Cool," Randy said and went under the water. Once his head was between her legs, he lifted her up. His cock twitched as he felt his mother's mound pressing into the back of his neck while he grabbed both her thighs.Steff also couldn't help but get a little excited as her son's neck ground her pussy. Her legs stretched behind her son's chest to balance herself but actually caused her box to mash even tighter.Oh fuck, she thought as her clit gyrated hard against his neck with every step. Shocked by how her pussy yearned for more, she tried to control her building carnal feelings."You two ready?" Kyle hollered, lifting his mother up high.Steff could only nod as her body uncontrollably filled with sexual pleasure.Both boys walked towards each other while their mothers tried their best to knock the other off.Steff was losing it. The wiggling and grinding had finally taken their toll on her. Unable to restrict her built-up excitement, she grabbed her son's head and squeezed her legs tightly onto his neck when her sudden orgasm hit. Her eyes closed as her body shook, and she softly whimpered under batted breath.Rachel saw her expression of pleasure and, with a big smile, quickly grabbed at her friend's bikini top, pulling it hard, sending it and Steffany into the water.Shocked and embarrassed, Steff didn't know what to do. That was until she opened her eyes under the water and noticed her son's bulging cock under his trunks.My God, he's so hard, she thought, and she found herself once again getting uncontainably aroused. Slowly, she eased her head tentatively above the water and covered her breast. Then, with her heart pounding in her chest, she found the courage to say, "Honey, can you please find my top?""Sure, Mom," Randy responded and looked until he found it. Slowly he approached her, holding the top out in his hand.Steffany watched her son's eyes as they stayed fixated on the arms that covered her bust. Her mind went back to what her friend said about her son watching her shower and, without thinking, gradually lowered her arms, exposing her bare bosom. As Randy's mouth parted while his eyes widened, a new type of pleasure filled her body, and she was taken aback by the strange feeling.Randy gawked at his mother's firm tits and admired her light pink perky nipples. His voice cracked as he stuttered, "H... you go, M... M... Mom.""Thank you, sweetie," Steff timidly cooed, taking the top from him slowly, still exposing her chest to him."Sure thing Mom," Randy rasped. His heart raced in his chest, and he unconsciously rested both his hands on her hips. He couldn't stop the dark wanting desires that had flooded his mind, and he brazenly pulled her towards him, mashing his hard cock against her barely covered mound.Steff, taken aback by her son's unforeseen reaction, knew it was wrong but also couldn't deny how good his cock did feel pressing against her.Finding her self-control, Steff firmly announced, "Okay, big boy, that's enough. I have to put this back on," and pushed him away."Oh, okay," Randy expressed, shaking his head in an effort to clear out his incestuous thoughts."Maybe we should take a break?" Rachel yelled over, and Steffany quickly agreed.Both women exited the pool and laid on their backs in a couple of recliners while watching their sons.Rachel leaned over, still watching the kids, and started to chat in a low tone."So, how did it feel showing yourself to your son?"Embarrassed, Steff replied, "Just like you said.""And what about that orgasm you had?""I don't want to talk about that. I feel so ashamed."Patting Steff's leg, Rachel whispered, "It's okay, honey. I was getting excited myself when Kyle's neck was rubbing my pussy.""My God, Rachel! They're our sons! Don't you see how wrong that is?""Listen, Steff; we're only human. God knows we have needs. Who's to say wanting to feel good is wrong?""People, that's who.""What people? Do they know what it's like to be neglected and lonely? I bet they don't.""It's just wrong. I'm not going to be like my husband.""What?"Steff couldn't believe what she just said and looked at her friend in amazement and said, "Nothing, forget I said that."But Rachel pressed her until she finally said, "Let's go into the house, and I'll explain over a drink."Both girls stood up and told their sons that they were going inside.Kyle and Randy watched as their mothers walked away, and Kyle commented, "Wow, Randy, your mom sure does look hot.""Hey, dude!""Oh, sorry. But come on, you have to admit it?"Randy gazed at his mother's ass as it swayed and replied, "Okay, I guess you're right. But no more talk like that.""Okay, dude. I was just complimenting her," Kyle reassured.Inside the house, Steffany poured a couple of glasses of wine and took a big gulp before handing Rachel the journal and explaining what she discovered inside.Rachel flipped through some pages and said, "Oh my god, Steff. You must have been devastated when you found this.""Yes, I was. So now, do you understand?""Maybe?" Rachel replied with a puzzling expression."Steff, are you sure this is real?""What do you mean?""Have a look," Rachel said, pointing to the text."It's all written with the same pen."Steff looked over her friend's shoulder as she flipped through the pages. It was true; the black pen used had a skip, and it was constant throughout all the pages."He must have kept the pen with the journal," Steff reckoned as she took a step back."Did you see a pen?"Steff pondered and replied, "No. Just the journal."Rachel flipped further in the book, and just as she neared the end, she shook her head and said, "Now I know this is fake.""Why, what does it say?"Rachel cleared her throat and read, "I saw my wife with her friend Rachel today as they engaged in a lesbian encounter. They weren't aware of my presence as I admired them from the cracked door that led into our bedroom. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen, and I couldn't stop myself from jerking off as both of them orgasmed loudly in our bed.""MY GOD!" Steff replied, shocked."So see," Rachel replied as she closed the journal, "I know we never did that!""But why? I mean...first, his mom. And now this. I don't understand.""Maybe...and this is just a guess, mind you. Maybe this was his way of getting you interested.""Interested in what? Having sex with you?""That and..." Rachel replied, looking her in the eyes, and followed with, "You fucking Randy.""WHAT! No... God no. Why...why would you say that?""Think about it, Steff. Where did you find the book?""On his desk.""So if it wasn't for you to see, then why was it left for you to find and not hidden?""No. It's not possible. I... I... I can't accept that... That! That he wanted me to have sex with our son!""Why else would he write it? It's the only thing that makes sense. It's not like he could just come right out and ask you to do that. He had to think of some way to put the idea in your head."Steff pondered what Rachel said, and tears filled her eyes. She poured another glass of wine and slammed it right down before taking a seat."You okay?" Rachel asked."No. I'm so confused. I don't know what to think now."Rachel poured her another glass and handed it to her. "Here, take this, and let's go back out with the boys. Maybe that will get your mind off this."Steff shook her head and replied. "No, Rachel, I think I just want to be alone.""Nonsense, come on. You need to clear your head," Rachel exclaimed, grabbing her hand and yanking her onto her feet.Sluggishly, Steff followed her outside and sat in the lounge chair, her head spinning as she watched the boys in the pool.Rachel did her best to shake her friend out of her confusion. But alas, as the sun started to set, she knew it was time to leave.Moments later, as they departed, Rachel made one last effort to cheer her up, and it caught Randy's attention.Randy followed them out to their vehicle and helped Rachel into the passage side door. She, too, had one too many, and as Kyle got into the driver's seat, he asked her what was going on.With a devilish grin, Rachel sat and said, "Just give her some time, Randy. I'm sure everything will work out.""What are you talking about?""It's not my place to say," Rachel replied as she closed the door.Randy stood and watched as they backed out the driveway and gave a half-wave, contemplating what she said.Back inside, Steff poured yet another glass of wine and, with a light head, made her way into the living room. With her mind racing with mixed emotions, she took another sip before crashing on the sofa.Randy entered the room and noticed her still in her bathing suit, barely holding her glass. Taking a seat next to her, he asked, "You okay, Mom?"Half out of her right mind, Steff explained what she and Rachel had discovered and how the journal was a hoax.Randy sat back dumbfounded and replied, "Why would he do that?""Sorry, but your father must have had some sick motivation to get me thinking irrationally.""Irrationally thinking? About what, Mom?""About fucking you!" Steff blurted out, mewling.Randy put his arm around her and pulled her closer."Mom. It will be okay," he assured her as she sniffled.Steff relaxed her head on his sound shoulder and replied faintly, "I'm not so sure about that," resting her palm on his leg."What aren't you sure about?" Randy asked as he looked into her tearful eyes."Because I think it worked." With that, Steff leaned over and lightly pecked his lips.Randy was taken aback by his mother's action but couldn't deny his own sexual attraction and swiftly kissed her back.In her drunken state, Steffany opened her mouth and kissed him deeply. Their tongues mingled for the first time, and she quickly got lost in the moment. Her lust hastily overtook her rightful thinking, and while her son ran his hand over her shoulder, she involuntarily rubbed hers across his crotch, causing him to groan.Startled by his sound, she stopped and pulled back, her hand still resting on his now fully erect dick; she fearfully said, "My God, what's happening to us?"Randy smiled as he lifted her hand and eased it inside his swim trunks. Then, as his own hand rested on her inner thigh, he confessed, "What Dad wanted," giving her leg a gentle squeeze."Oh... My God..." Steff softly moaned. With her head spinning out of control, she couldn't stop nor deny what she really wanted to do, and she grasped his stiff pole, stroking long and hard.Am I really doing this? she questioned in her fog-like state. She could feel his precum lubricating her digits, which only intensified her sexual desire.Fuck, her hand feels so good, Randy thought as he lightly kissed her nape. Then, slowly, he slithered his own fingers into her tiny bottoms, and she whimpered when he found her swollen clit."Randy...we should control ourselves...oh..." Her voice faded off as her son tickled her clit, while her hand kept stroking him feverishly.Steff, overwhelmed with her blind lust, felt an orgasm approaching. Her body quivered as her ass lifted off the couch, welcoming his fingers as they easily slipped between her moist folds.This...this...this can't be happening. I... Oh god! I have to control myself! She realized just as his fingers penetrated her. Steffany shuddered hard as her pussy tightened around his digits, and with what understanding she had left, quickly shouted, "I'm sorry. I can't do this," removing her hand as she pushed him away and rushed to the stairs."Mom!" Randy yelled, watching her run away. Dumbfounded, he looked down at his hard cock as he heard her bedroom door slam closed.What the fuck just happened? ...
05-25-2023, at 11:18 PM

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