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I Met Her In The Supermarket, Part 2

Post #1

As I lay in my bed, I thought of my interesting experience that day with Robin. I considered the fact that I was rewarded for simply performing a good deed. I felt good that things had worked out so well. Also, my dick got a total workout from a very horny older woman. That felt good, too.I looked forward to another interesting day. Robin had said that her bridge club would end at five but then changed her mind, ending it at three. "I won't be able to concentrate on the card game," was her excuse to end it early. Would I come over afterwards to meet and play with her very curious best friend, Eloise?After the card players departed, Robin and Eloise always took the afternoon exercising in Robin's nicely equipped fitness room. Robin told me that they had played touchy-feely with each other, that is, they had felt each other's breasts in the shower and that Eloise had amazingly large, sensitive nipples. Both had wanted to go further but their tryst was interrupted by a FedEx delivery. That was a week ago and she had not seen Eloise since. Robin wanted me to come over to play with both of them. It was not an invitation I could refuse. These thoughts swirled through my mind as I tried to fall asleep but suffice it to say, it was very difficult.The sun filled my bedroom in the morning. I had overslept and it was nine o'clock. I had much to do before three-thirty. After a quick shower and over a cup of coffee, I booted up my computer and went to work. Fortunately, my client work went quickly and I was done by noon. I googled Robin to learn any information about her. I found that she was the widow of a very big Republican donor who was a major wheel in Washington, D.C. He had died and left her a fortune. She was now a philanthropist who focused on the Parrish Art Museum and the village of Southampton. She'd done some good deeds, too. Now that was interesting. Politics had nothing to do with our tryst, it was bipartisan.Since I had a few hours, I went into my studio and gazed at the painting I was working on. I liked it but I still had brushstrokes I wanted to add. However, I found it hard to get into the zone, my mind filled with every kind of lewd thought and image.Three-fifteen rolled up in a flash. I grabbed a bottle of wine, some fat joints I rolled and some flowers for the women. It was easy getting down to her house: North Sea Road south to Bishop's Lane south to Moses Lane south to Hill St. west to Captain's Neck south to Ox Pasture Lane west and bingo! Her house faced the inlet, which was directly across from the Shinnecock Reservation, Native-American lands. There was one car, a Toyota Camry under the porte-cochère. I pulled in next to it, got out and marveled at the view most people never see. As I went to ring the bell, Robin opened the door."Ray, so wonderful to see you again. We've been waiting for you. I have not stopped thinking about you. Are these for me? Oh, thank you, they are beautiful. Let me put them in a vase. So, tell me, how was your day?"I followed her through the house into the kitchen. Eloise was sitting at the table drinking tea. "Ray, this is my friend, Eloise. Eloise, Ray."I recognized Eloise from the clubs. "Hello, Eloise. I think I know you. I think we might have danced one night at the Talkhouse.""No, not the Talkhouse, Ray. It was the Wild Rose in Bridgehampton or someplace in Sag Harbor. I've seen you play several times.""He's a musician?" asked Robin."I was for many years. I played with Davy Harper. These days, I sit in whenever I am asked. Guitar and keyboards.""And yes, we danced after one of your sets. I knew you were a good guy but when Robin told about yesterday, I had to meet such a good Samaritan.""Don't flatter me. Robin needed help and I provided it. I'm just a good citizen, that's all.""Indeed, you are, Ray, and my whole body thanks you.""So, I understand that Robin invited you to work out with us in her fitness room. Is that right?" She asked this with a twinkle in her eyes."Well, sorta. First, I thought we'd do a glass of this and a few tokes on this." I laid the joints on the table while Robin got the corkscrew."Good French red. You have good taste, Ray, but I already knew that," said Robin.We sat and chatted while we sipped and toked. Eloise noticed some paint on my hand and I mentioned that I was working on a painting."I'd love to see your work," said Robin. "Do you show anywhere?"I explained that I'd never shown my artwork in a public setting nor gallery. I made paintings for friends. I promised Robin that I would show my work to her."So, are going to work out or what?" said Eloise, impatiently.We went upstairs to the fitness room. Eloise and Robin stripped off their blouses and shorts to reveal sexy Lululemon sports bras and exercise shorts. They both looked spectacular. I took a good look at Eloise. She was about the same height as Robin but with a much different body and blonde hair. Whereas Robin had a leaner, more petite body. Eloise had way larger tits. Her nipples were poking out of the stretch material and looking very sexy. Also, her camel toe was showing and it was showing a pair of lush vulvar lips."Ray, your eyes are going to pop out of your head," snarked Eloise."Oh sorry. I was just thinking about how I'm not dressed for a workout.""Just get down to your underwear," said Eloise."He probably isn't wearing any. Like yesterday, ?said Robin. "You aren't, right?""You're right, Robin. I love to go commando and feel the breeze.""I'd love to see that," Eloise added."Yeah, but I couldn't work out. I could hurt myself.""I have an idea. Let's do some naked yoga.""You're wicked, Robin," I said while grinning."I'm good with that." Eloise started to strip, first taking off her bra and showing off her fine C, maybe D cups."I told you she had great nipples," said Robin. On that, I had to agree. They looked eminently suckable."Well, are you going to join me?" Eloise pulled down her shorts and panties. Robin followed. I dropped my shorts, too."Oh, that's a beautiful cock. You were right, Robin." She walked over to me and lifted my stiffening cock. It got harder in her hand. "I haven't touched a cock in months and this one feels great.""Well, so much for naked yoga," said Robin. "Let's make ourselves comfortable. Come into my bedroom." She led the way. Eloise held onto my dick and sort of pulled me along."Are we going to have a threesome?" I asked."Yes, I think so. Come over here." She led me to the bed and pushed me down on my back with my legs draping over the edge. "Now, come over here, El, and suck him so I can sit on him.""Yes, ma'am. With pleasure." She got on the floor between my legs and held my cock with both hands. She stroked it up and down as she studied the head filling with blood. "Gee, Ray, this is some nice dick."She took it between her lips and sucked the head. Then she went a bit further down and paused to savor the fullness. She was good - very soft, tender and sensual."Is he hard enough yet?" Eloise nodded that I was. Robin came over to us, patiently waiting. When El took my cock from her mouth, she moved back and Robin hopped on. "Oh, man, does this feel good," she uttered as she slid down my pole.Eloise, come here and sit on my face." She obediently deposited her vagina onto my lips. She had a distinctly musky scent and her juice was a bit tart. Her slit was juicy and wet as she slid over my nose. Her clit popped between my lips. I suckled it as I would the head of a cock. She swooned. I held her butt as I moved to her taint. I made circles with my tongue and moved up to her star-shaped pucker. I began to rim her, occasionally sticking the tip of my tongue in. Each time I did that, Eloise involuntarily squeezed and each time she squeezed, she moaned in pleasure."He's eating my ass, Robin, and it feels so good. I think I'm in love.""I'm impressed, El, but right now, he's touching places in my pussy that I forgot were there. He's cleaning the cobwebs."They kept this chatter going for a while when Robin mentioned that Eloise's teats were hard and looked luscious."So suck on them. Let's continue our play from last week."Robin leaned over and apparently slobbered Eloise's nipple. I say 'apparently' because Eloise was grinding her ass into my face. Lust and ass blinded me. I was blinded by science - human biology, that is. My ears were tuned in, though, as I listened to the juicy sounds from above. I felt Eloise shiver and then she hiccupped and I felt a warm sweet stream cover my face. She'd had a little orgasm, a petite mort, if you will.She rose off my face. "That was nice but now I want some cock. Robin, it's my turn."Robin dismounted. "Let's reposition. Ray, you must feel her nipples. They are a wonder. I wish mine were like that.""Right now, I want your nipple."I took one of Robin's nipples and tenderly sucked. It got hard under my tongue. She moaned and reached under her breast, lifting more of it into me. Eloise sucked in her other nipple and I thought Robin would faint."Oh, yes. This feels sooo good," she was panting as she spoke. "You know, I... I never touched... a... another woman... in my life before... last week. It-it-it felt nice."While squeezing Robin's breast, Eloise said, "I had a thing with my college roommate. It ran for about a year before she dropped out and disappeared." I sat back listening. "I never had another. I got married and divorced and married and divorced again but I always wanted to be with a woman again.""What did you and your roommate do together?" asked Robin, eager for some details."We fooled around, you know. We did oral on each other and we fucked with a double dildo.""Nice. I have always wondered what it would be like with another woman. Having a threesome has been a long-time fantasy. And since it's happening now, I think I could die happy. Ray, put that beautiful cock into me and fuck me to heaven. El, help him by licking my clit. Oh, and turn around. Sixty-nine with me, please.""As long as you're so polite, how can I refuse?"I was deep into Robin's vagina, feeling her squeeze my cock as Eloise licked around her nubbin. I watched as she lowered her loin onto Robin's lips. I felt both of them buck. Increasing my rhythm and almost pushing her cervix, I was balls-deep. She increased her tempo, too, as did Eloise. This continued for a few minutes accompanied by many undulating, squishy sounds and the unmistakable moans of satisfaction.
05-25-2023, at 11:18 PM

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