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Take me anyway you want

Post #1

Take me anyway you wantMy name is Xenia. I am happily married with 1 c***dren and a loving husband, Gab. At 31 I can say that I'm still attractive. I know that few men at work and in church still look at me with awe as I flirt with them sometimes just to get the attention. I am about 5.3", 32C cup, short hair,with a fringe.I do part time work in a big firm as an admin. I did that so I can get myself occupied and also have time for my daughter.I have always been quite wild in my younger days but for some reason casual flirting and dates were as far as I have ever been. So you can say that I have only been with 1 man, and I married him. In this marriage, I am the dominant one.Gab owns a logistic company and quite good at what he is doing. He had gained few pounds ever since we got married. He hasn't been very good at keeping up with my needs (which has always been consistently high), but of course I never told him this. He likes to boast about his 4" penis and how I always lied to him how great the sex was. I thought little white lie wouldn't hurt.He really cares for me in a financial kinda way. We lived comfortably in a nice 4 bed room house with a swimming pool. Everything seems normal until one day.It has been a stressful day but I finished work quite early and thought I would go home earlier to see my k**. I grabbed my bag, packed up my things and took the elevator.When I get into the elevator there was this old man in his 50s wearing a janitor uniform, I assumed he is the building's janitor. He's almost bald with scruffy look.Then he broke the silence and said "Hi, I'm Jerome." he smiled.I replied "Hi Jerome I'm Xenia." I can feel that he is eyeing me up and down."You are so beautiful" he said,I blushed and said thank you."Are you heading off home? he said."Yeah, want to call it a day". I answered. Then the elevator door opens, we then continue chattering about general stuff about the company while we walk to the bus stop. I just realised that I missed the bus and it wont be until another hour for the next one to come."Can I invite you to my place for a coffee?" he asked."uummmm..." I hesitated and he gave me a sincere smile.He said "it's only coffee, you can give this old man such a joy, and I will drive you home".I melted when he said that so I nodded with a smile.I jumped into his old Ford. It was filthy and smelly inside. Finally we got to his place. It's in a very run down suburb. His house is also very simple, old, porch was not taken care of either.When I entered the house, it was very gloomy, porn DVDs were on the floor, dirty magazines were in the torn old stained couch, ash trays full of cigarette butts, beer bottles.He walked to the fridge and asked if I want beer instead. I nodded. We sat down there talking bout my life, his life, and in no time I was in my 2nd bottle and I feel that his hand was caressing my inner thighs. He then moved his lips and started french kissing me. I was shocked but felt helpless. How can this ugly looking black janitor made such a bold move. We continued kissing, whilst his hand was groping my breast and fondling them with my blouse still on.My pussy was twitching and hot. My nipples were hard. I couldn't believe it. He then stopped and got up and said "Get in the room and get undress!".His voice was very masculine and he is a different man than the one I saw in the elevator.I was under his spell, it felt that i have to obey his command. No man has ever talks like that to me. I walked into his room, slowly undressed myself. I saw him grinning after I took off my soaking wet panties.I stood by the bed and he started unbuckling his belt. He looked at me with a lustful eyes. He pulled down his pants and I saw the largest cock I have ever seen. It was a hard 10" long, with 5" thick full of veins, dark purple head and the balls were huge.He walked towards me, "Suck my cock!" he commanded.I quickly kneel and grabbed the big cock with my hand. My hands were too small, his cock was very thick. I saw my $10,000 wedding ring while my hand was around his cock and stroking it. It looks dirty but I loved it.I quickly take his big black cock into my mouth and slurp it like a hungry whore. His cock had a musky scent to it, must be from sweat from work and no shower for a few days I thought. But that smells turned me on so much. Given the situation, I think that is how cock of a real man should smell and taste like.I can't believe that he has turned me into doing something like this. He grabbed my head and starts to fuck my mouth like he fucks a two-dollar whore on the street, shoved it down my throat. He forced his big black cock into my throat until I gagged. Every now and then he will pull out just to see strings of pre-cum mixed with my saliva on the corner of my mouth goes all the way to his shinny now-polished cock.In the corner of my eyes I can see our reflection in the mirror, the image was very sexy, slutty and so right. Like I was meant to do this for him, or was born to do this. My nipples were erect, my pussy was screaming and begging to be pounded by tat big black cock.He asked me to get into his bed. I got up and climbed into his bed immediately. He jumped into the bed, lifted my legs up and he started rubbing his cock around my pussy lips. My pussy was so soaking wetand begging to be fucked. As his big black cock enters my pussy, I could have sworn I was going to scream with ecstassy. I clinched and grabbed the bed head as he started to slide his cock in and out inside my pussy in a steady slow pace.After several minutes, and two orgasm later, my pussy started to stretch and he started fucking me without with full force without mercy. He was fucking me brutally. And fortunately that is what I have craved for, I tanked God for every thrust he made into my fertile fuck hole! I think I screamed so loud the entire neighborhood could hear me."You like that dont cha? you little said you're married but you are nothing but a slut, a whore for big black cocks! after I finished with you, you will be begging for more and that's all you gonna be fucking!!"I can't believe I just let someone called me a whore....but I guess after all this...I am...This man has shown me dominance and shows me who is in charge."OOOHHH....AAAAHHHHH...AAAAAAAHHH.....YESSS ..YESSS I AM YOUR WHOREEE....PLEASE DON'T STOP FUCKINGG MEEE....OOHH...OHHH...FUCK ME HARD LIKE YOUR WHORE!!!...""Tell me how does my cock compare to your husbands?""HIS PENIS CAN NEVER SATISFY ME LIKE YOU DO...JEROME...OOH...OHHHH ...IM CUMMMINGGGG.....I LOVE YOU BIG BLACK COCK....OH MY GODD OH MY GODD YOU'RE SOO BIGG"I hold him tight and caress his big chest whilst he is still on top of me banging my now torn pussy that I vowed only to give to my husband only.Jerome kept the pace and his hands were mauling my breasts very rough, I thought, this is what I need....I need a fuck, a real fuck by a real man...with a real cock, a black cock and only that from now on.He flipped me and fucked my doggy style, I screamed with pleasure " OH YESS BABY, THAT'S IT...FUCK MY MARRIED PUSSY WITH YOUR BLACK COCK...""See I told my niggas that you are one nigga loving, cock hungry cum whore that happens to be married, but doesnt mean anything now is it?""YES....YESS.. YESS... JEROMEE...IM A NIGGA LOVING WHORE....FUCK ME FUCK ME ...FUCK ME HARD...CUM INSIDE MEE JEROMEEE...PLEASEEEEE...IM BEGGING YOU..I WANT YOU TO IMPREGNATE MEEE!!!"I wanted his c***d so bad at this stage, I have lost all good conscience. I want to conceive his baby and tell the whole world that it is his."Tell me whose pussy is this?? Tell me who your married pussy belongs to??" He asked."OHHHHHH JEROMEE IT IS YOURSSS IT IS YOUR PUSSY NOW....YOU OWNED MY PUSSSY...""If it's my pussy that means I get to fuck you as I wish and I get to choose whose cock you can suck and fuck??""YESSS YESSS...I WILL ASK YOUR PERMISSION IF MY HUBBY WANST TO HAVE SEX WITH ME...AND YOU CAN CALL ME ANYTIME WHENEVER YOU WISH TO FUCK ME, BREED MEEEE!!"Apparently this drove him nuts, he shoved his cock furiously and grabbed my hips so he can slam his cock deeper and deeper. He started to moan and said "YOU DIRTY WHOREEE...HERE TAKE MY CUMMM...TAKE IT.... I WANT TO SEE YOUR LIMP HUBBY'S FACE SEEING YOU CARRY MY OFFSPRING....AAARRRGHHHH!! with that he shot load after load into my fertile womb. "OHHHH...YESSSSSSS....Thats' it honey...impregnate me with your sperm...."That afternoon he fucked me more than 3 times and he pumped his baby making seeds inside me. My pussy felt so full and well treated I thought."from now on, when I call you, you will come and see me immediately." then he asked me to leave my drenched panties with him. He didnt let me clean up, he said there is something sexy with letting me come home to my usband with cum dripping from my pussy and scent of sex is still on me. I obeyed him.That day I got home with a taxi, Jerome decided that he's got some errands to do. My life was never the same after that day. I came home and took a shower and had dinner with my family. That night I slept like a baby after the intense brutal fucking I got from Jerome. Who would've thought that an ugly looking old janitor could score with someone like me? well I guess everyone has their shooting star once in a while.ter that night my sex life has changed. I never let my husband to "touch" me again. I reason with him because of stress.I have never seen Jerome after the incident. I started getting frustrated. I really craved his black cock and it's getting uncontrollable. One day I got an intercom, it was him. He said "finish early today, meet me at my place at lunch time" then hung up.I was upset by the way he speaks to me but at the same time glad that he called. I got out of the office, took a taxi and got to his place. He opened the door for me, and I got inside. As soon as I was inside, there was no waiting, he stripped me, put me on all four and fucked me hard all day long until just about dinner time. I quickly text Gab and said I might be late due to overtime at work. This routine continued for several weeks everyday in the afternoon before going home.Lately, however, he demanded that I cook dinner and wash his dirty laundry for him before I leave, because he thinks it is rude of me to leave after he gives me a good fucking, make sense I thought. Sometimes I would lie naked on his dirty couch sucking his cock off whilst he watch football on TV with his beer on his hand. Several occasion he talks on the phone with his friends while fucking me and watch TV. I was like his walking fuck doll. No denying his friends can hear my loud screams in pleasure as the background. Sometimes they even talk about me and laugh at how a normal suburban housewife church goers like me can turned into a cum hungry nigga loving whore.Yesterday he took me to a tattoo parlor and asked me to tattoo "Black Cocks Only" above my pubic hair with a downwards arrow pointing to my pussy. He also tattooed above my ass "Owned by Blacks". I was hesitant at first but really liked the end result. I felt owned. Cant wait to see Gab's face if he finds out, not that he has ever seen me naked anymore anyway as I have avoided anything leading to sex with him. The tattooist is a black man as well, a friend of Jerome, so I got it for half price. Yes, I had to paid for it.Friday afternoon, after our usual "afternoon delight" he told me he's got a surprise for me and he said my pussy will love him for it. He asked me to take Monday off work and come and see him. Sunday was the longest day of my life. I couldnt concentrate and all I could think about when I was in church on Sunday is you know what.Come Monday, I was excited. He asked me to wear something sexy so I wore a sexy black lingerie and high heels. I was so excited and ordered a taxi to my house to take me to his place. By then Gab's already left home for work, so he wouldnt know. I finally got to his place. When I knocked on the door, he let me in and my jaw almost dropped as there were 6 other black men, all about his age, sitting in the living room, all butt naked. They were all smoking and drinking. The room was full of smokes.Their eyes were looking at me like they havent seen women all their life. They all just starred at me.Jerome broke the silence "see told ya niggas, she's hot and fuckable!"One old guy said "woooow....never seen anyone like 'dis bro, you're doing okay there. So bab....I heard you like you meat black ehh??" They all burst out laughing.Another guy said "come here babe...let me give you some of dis black wont be crawling to your husband ever to satisfy that naughty pussy that you have..."I was ashamed and embarrassed.Jerome introduced me one by one. Clockwise, Larry, Eddie, John, Leroy, James and John. They all have one look in common, old, big, fat, black, ugly and almost bald and yes...huge large cocks. They were hard immediately after I walked into the house."now Xenia, these are my homies, I shared everything with this is my surprise to you...enjoy these smelly black cocks because you're in for a treat." Jerome said.I quickly undressed and left my lingerie with my high heels on. They were all cheering when they saw my tattoo."She's really into blacks bro....!! Cant believe you work!!!" Leroy complimented Jerome of his work transforming a faithful housewife into a whore."yeah...soon she'll be breeding our babies!!" John added."I want to see the look of her husband after today and with that tattoo, I will die and give my soul to see that!!"They all cracked laughing.I felt betrayed and angry that he shares me with his friends. I thought I was special to him, so I thought. But not wanting to make him lose face I tagged along with his game.I started of sucking Larry's cos he was the closest to me. I was kneeling down on the floor while he was sitting down on the couch. Sonny playing and fingering my wet pussy lips through my lingerie. Eddie got up from his seat and sat next to Larry so I sort of alternate sucking and stroking their cocks. They all share the same taste and musky smell. I looked at them in the eyes asking for approval. By now I am a trained cocksucker and intentionally tried to gag myself for their sole pleasure only. Every now and then I would lick and clean their sweaty balls.At this point in time I saw Jerome was video filming all the heat. I could'nt careless anymore. by now, my pussy is agitated and aching for a hard pounding. I started to change my mindset, I began to enjoy his surprise. Actually I thanked him for this.Soon enough, Sonny pull my lingerie down around my knee so my pussy is wide open for an entry point. He shoved his big hard cock inside me and I moaned out loud. He purposely left my panties there so I can't spread my legs to apart from each other."'s sooo biggg..." I shout while turning my head behind towards him.He is like a man possessed, grabbed my hips and pull me deeper and slam it against his big black cock. I came that very second. Larry and Eddie demanded my attention, pulled my hair and start fucking my face again.Sonny grabbed my wrists and pulled both of my arms and used it as a clutch to increase impact. I was in heaven I thought. The thought of servicing these undeserved old dirty black men turns me on. Knowing also the fact that there are much more attractive successful men out there that would do me, but I chose these men? It's such a turn on.John and Leroy came to me and played with my tits. Mauling, squeeze, pinching them to drive me crazy and my nipples hard. James was stroking his cock getting ready to take Sonny's place once he comes."Ohhh...I'm ready for this old man's seed baby?" asked Sonny.I pulled out my mouth from Larry's cock and said "yess.oh yes fucked me so gooooddd....cum inside I am your fuck whore, do as you can cum anywhere you want..." I shouted."you are such dirty married like dis? eh? being treated like a whore? Once you go black you can never go back" he exlaimed."ohhhh...yess...yess I do...very much...yes baby...fuck my pussy...just like is your fuck hole...please fuck my fuck hole real hard....!!" I began to came on his cock.with this, he came squirt after squirt, by the time he pulled out his cum was dripping along my inner thigh, James quickly took his position and fucked me real hard again. Larry and Eddie came inside my mouth. The hot cum sliding down my throat and I got so much in my mouth that it overflowed and created cum bubbles and strings of hot cums dangling on my chin. They loved the sight. Jerome had this on video cam as well.Jerome couldnt help his load, apprently he has been jerking off while recording the whole thing, he shot his load on my face. It was so much load that it nearly covered my face.We finally moved to Jerome's room. John and Leroy fucked me simultaneously with my legs spread high in the air. by now, I only have my heels that is left of me."ooohhh...ahhhh...fuck me with that big black feels so goood...ohhh yess..hard ...I want it hard...!!" I screamed in pleasure.Leroy was increasing his pace and asked "tell me what you want?" still maintaining his fast and hard thrusts."I want to be bred by black men....ohhh...yes...yes... so I can raise black c***dren ...ohhh...ahh... for you...I want to show everyone that I am a whore for black cocks!!" I gasped for air."good answer Xenia...I think I will give you my sperm.." exclaimed Leroy. With this he shot his load into my cum filled pussy."ahhhh...thank you Leroyy.....shoot that hot cum inside me ...make me yourss "I screamed whilst holding him tightly.After Leroy finished, John indicated me to straddle him. I ride him like never before, I fucked myself real hard because I was in such ecstassy with all these decent size cocks in my pussy non stop. I just can't get enough. He soon changed the position to doggy style, pulled my hair and fucked me like there is no tomorrow. My hands, both of them were onto the bed heads, by now the bed is creaking and making up so much noise from our brutal fucking. I was moaning with such pleasure and came over and over again. Suddenly the phone rang. From the ringtone I knew it was Gab, my hubby.John kept on going and asked "who is it?""ooohh ....aahhh...oooohhhh'm nearly there....fuck me hard...fuck my married pussy hard...I 'm begging you don't stooopppppp!" I begged.He continued. So does the phone keeps on ringing and then suddenly stops. Apparently without me knowing, they took my phone and pressed 'answer' button. My hubby could hear all the moaning and the racket between the bed banging against the wall and the boys cheering in the background."ooohh....that's my married fuck holleee with your big black cock... i love big black's yours....cum inside me...pleaseee!" I screamed while releasing my love juice.The guys turned the phone off after that and in the background they were shouting and wooing and making jokes about my husband went berserk and panic hearing me getting fucked in the background. Like I said, I didnt know this until later on.If only Gab knew what his wife is doing now. I thought to myself. Servicing 6 black men in a dinghy house.Not long after that John came. Then I quickly asked their permission to text my hubby that I will be home late tonight. So dont wait for me. Sent the text and then turned my phone off again.The fucking and humiliation continues that night. They came inside my pussy at least twice that day and at least once in my mouth or my face. By the end of it, around my pussy lips were white frosted cum that dried out from exposed air. My face was covered in cum stenches. My hair was also stuck with cum shots made earlier today.I was so exhausted and they asked me to complete the surprise. I couldnt believe it, it's never ending. They want me to come home in the exact condition as I am and play my hubby the video Jerome made. As the grand finale Jerome wants my hubby to arrange a sit down and talk to him because from now on things will start to change especially around the house according to him. I wonder what that might be?Black Cocks Only Ch. 03byps3lite©After they finished off that night, they gave me the Video titled Xenia the married whore for black cocks. They didn't let me take a shower or clean up. I had to order a cab. They told me that I am the property of these black men and I must obey them. They forced me to show the video to Gab and told him how much I enjoyed being fucked and treated like a dirty whore. Also, from now on, they can decide who I get to fuck and obviously black men only, in which I don't have anything to complain.I was to also tell my hubby that Jerome needs to talk privately, man to man he said. So, as soon as I got home, I opened the door and there he was, sleeping on the couch in the living room. I slowly walked to the coffee table next to him, and placed the video. I walked upstairs and took a nice long hot shower , I was so exhausted, but my pussy felt so empty. God, I couldn't believe those black men really made me become an addict to those black cocks. The smell, the tastes, the girth and ultimately, the size. I dried myself, wrapped myself around with a towel and feel like having a nice warm tea and hit the bed. I walked downstairs and heard a noise from the living room, I heard a girl moaning and screaming in a distance, I sneaked my way into the living room and found Gab watching my video. He was in tears but I saw one of his hand in his pants jerking off his dick furiously. I let it be I thought, so I decided not to have that tea and hit the bed. The next morning I found Gab sitting next to me by my bedside. He told me he saw the whole thing and he asked me why. I said there is no explanation, these men are just much more superior in any way and they treated me like their woman. I love him still and our k** but I said I have my needs. He was crying, and I told him, the man, Jerome, wants to speak to him. He asked what it is about, and I said I don't know. That day I went to the office and Jerome called me again and asked me to come downstairs to the basement in the janitor room.I took a lift and walk downstairs, it was dark and stinky. I knocked on the door and Jerome opened the door. He quickly kissed me and grabbed my ass. We French kiss for a while and without him asking I kneeled down and sucked his cock. He fucked my mouth so hard that I can feel half his cock down my throat. All saliva mixed with pre- cum dribbling vigorously down the corner of my mouth and lips. Making gooey like liquid down my chin and stain my expensive blouse and pants. He pulled out his cock and had me bent over holding on to a rack and asked me to pull my pants and leave my g string around my ankle with my high heels on. He wasted no time, inserting his giant cock inside my pussy."OOHHHH...GOOOODDD...!!" I screamed."You like dat don cha Xenia? Hard and fast...something your hubby cannot do" he teased."OOOH...AAHHHH...YESSS...YESSSSS..." at this time he fucked me with full speed and full length of his 12" cock. His balls were slamming against my clit."today, everything will change baby...I will sit down and talk with your wimp husband and set it all straight for you...will tell him that you are mine now...this is my pussy...he cannot come near it anymore...and you have to start bearing black babies..." he claimed."YESS Jerome...anything you say...I am pussy belong to you and you only...i will only fuck black men and only if you approve...OOHH...AAHHHHH...DON'T...STOP...FUCKING ...ME...LIKE...A WHOREEEE...YESS...YESSS...I moaned with pleasure." more birth controls or pills and no condoms, will make you pop black babies every year...heheheh...and you gotta tell your rich hubby that he's paying for all of them hahaha...!!" he said."AHHH...AHHH...AAAHHHHH...YESSS...I ...WANTT...YOUR BABIESSSS...I WANT...REAL BABIES...FROM....REAL MAN...OHHHH JEROME...FUCK ME HARDER YES YES YES...IM CUMMMINGGGG HONEYYYY..." with this I came real hard and so did he to my fertile womb.After that he took his pants up and buckled up and left. As always I was told not to clean up and went back to my office. At 5 pm Jerome waited for me in front of the building and took me in his car to see my hubby. When we got there my hubby opened the door and I introduced him to Gab. Gab was really scared of him by the way he looks. Jerome took me by the hand and I sat next to him in the living room. I felt so proud at that time. Jerome opened the conversation."Look pal, I assumed you had already seen what we have done to your wife. Xenia told me that you have a problem in the tool department. I simply fixed that problem for you. You should be thankful to me and my friends." He said."But...what about...err... I mean...." Gab stuttered trying to explain but was too scared of Jerome roughness.Jerome cut him off."Gab...from now on it is gonna be different. Xenia is officially my piece of property, that is my pussy now, it belongs to me and her ass, her tits and her mouth is off limits. If you are nice, I'll get you to watch and jerk off while me or the boys fuck her. Secondly, she will be bred by myself and the boys starting from today. She will breed black babies and you, my loaded friend, has to do your obligation to support these babies!!" he demanded."Xenia can still stay in the house and look after your daughter, but me and the boys have full access to the house if we need to. We will fuck your wife on your marital bed and if you're being good, we will let you watch how she screams and moans like a whore and begged for more of these black cocks." he told Gab.Gab was just nodding and crying don't know what to say. He asked me "is this what you really want? Would this makes you happy?""I would appreciate it if you do what Jerome says, I told him that from now on, I want to carry black babies for him, and I want him and his friends to be able to fuck me anytime and anywhere." I explained."See Gab, your wife has been turned to be a whore for black cocks, she will never go back...she only wants blacks...and with a body like that she deserve a good big hard black cocks up her pussy." Jerome added.That was pretty much the end of the conversation, Gab agreed to all the conditions and asked if sometimes he can watch. Jerome said yes.After that, Jerome asked me to suck his cock, so I did pull down his pants in front of Gab and sucked his cock, Gab just stood still watching the whole time. Jerome then asked me to strip naked and he got me to spread my legs on the couch and he fucked me from kneeling down by the sofa."see Gab, this is what you cant do, and this is what Xenia needs, a real piece of cock, a black cock, that can breed her true bred of men like myself, I am 50 years old and fucks her harder than you can put together your entire life!!" he said."OOHHH...AAAHHHHHH...FUCCCKKKK...IT'S ...SOO BIGGG...FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG FAT BLACK COCKKK, BREEDDD MEE!! I demanded."See Gab, I did not force her to say these things....she got blacked...that's all, Xenia why don't you tell him how it feels." He asked."OHHH GABBB, it feels so gooodddd, they treated me like a whore, they fucked me with real size cock, my pussy felt so full and filled!!" I explained.Not long after that he came inside my pussy, pulled his cock out and said bye to me and left. He told me that he will see me around soon. Gab was getting a hard on, I let him jerked off in front of me, what a loser I thought.The next day, the door bell rang and two beefy black guys were at my door step. I opened the door and thought that this would be one of Jerome's friends and I was right. They introduced themselves as Rodney and Big Joe. They told me that they are Jerome's nephews. They came inside and told me that they haven't been with a woman for 2 years because of their time in jail. Didn't asked why. I let them in and Gab knew what was about to happen, introduced himself and told us that he has to do some errands. I knew he was hiding it, can bet my $100 that he is crying in his car. Anyway, Rodney and Big Joe had few drinks whilst we sat on the couch.Big Joe started to ask me "So I heard that you will spread your legs only for black men yeah?"I smiled "who told you that?" teasing them.He said "little birdie told your hubby is out now, lets have some fun..."I quickly indicated them to go to the room as my daughter is sleeping in her room. As soon as we got into the room they stripped me bare naked and Rodney maul my tits so hard I would have cum. Big Joe threw me to the bed and ate my pussy. I was in heaven. Big Joe shoved his cock inside my mouth in a 69 position with full force, I gagged continuously. Rodney pinch and licked and sucked my tits like a baby. I was in pure ecstasy. Without me knowing my hubby actually left his wallet and came back to the house, couldn't see me and the boys in the living room he assumed that we have already started our escapade. He peeked through the key hole and actually opened the door slightly so he can have a better look.At this time Rodney was fucking me doggy style. They were humiliating me with the tattoo I have on me."Uncle J, told you to do this eh?"I nodded. They all complimenting Jerome for his accomplishment."AHHHHHH...AAHHHH...AAAHHHH...FUCK MY PUSSY GUYSSS...FUCK IT...REALLL HARDDD....YOU'VE EARNNTTT THAT PUSSSYY...IT'S YOURRSSSS...BREEEDDD MEEE!!..." I shouted.Rodney slapped my ass cheeks "you gotta nice pussy here Xenia, hot shouldn't be left empty at all times...""OHHH YESS YESSSS...IT SHOUDLNT BEE...LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK COCK ...AAHHH...OOHH... AHHH... FUCK MY BREEDING HOLEEEEE!!" I exclaimed.Rodney fucked me real hard the whole bed moves and he grabbed my waist and slam it hard towards him. Big Joe was fucking my mouth and pinching my tits...God cant get any better than this I thought. Getting fucked by black convicts. Big Joe carried me and fucked me in the air, they have massive cocks, 12" with 5" girth, my pussy was torn. After that Big Joe lifted my legs and fucked me brutally with his 12" cock while Rodney hold my hands up near the bed head to prevent me from distracting Big Joe from pumping me. Big Joe literally pumped me so hard I swear the bed nearly breaks, there was a really loud slapping noise everytime his thighs and balls meet my ass. I was crying and screaming with pleasure. My pussy got what it deserved. They took turn fucking me with this position.Rodney and Big Joe each came inside my pussy and mouth three times, I was a mess, so does the bed. They left after that and left me a number if I like what I got. Obviously I did! Gab told me he saw the whole thing and it's the real thing now, he said he is learning to accept the fact that I love fucking and serving black cocks.Two days later I couldn't stop thinking about the number Big Joe and Rodney gave me, I thought, what harm could this be in just calling a number, when I rang the number, someone picked up."yes, who's this?" a man with a husky voice answered.I said "ummm...err... my name is Xenia".He said "aahh...Xenia, please to finally hear your voice, meet me at Jerome's house at 4 today and wear something sexy" then he hung up.I took a cab home, put on my sexiest lingerie and went to Jerome's house and saw Jerome and another big black guy next to him in front of his porch.I said hi to Jerome and introduced myself to his friend, his name is Ted. He actually works in prison and he is the warden. He said he heard a lot about me from Jerome. They got me to go into his car and we drove to, you know what, a prison.I was told that this prison hold an East wing for hardened criminals and most of them are blacks. They lead me this wing and as we are walking the men went nuts and shouting wanting to take me and fuck me. I was scared but also excited.Once we got into the area, Jerome and Ted looked at each other and said "Xenia, these men used to be our hommies, I want you to make sure that these men breed you by the end of it."Now take off your clothes and leave your underwear and high heels on. I took them off and the whole place goes berserk and rowdy. Their eyes were so in lust I thought they could kill me just by looking at me. I just obeyed what Jerome told me. After all, I am his property now. wonder what Gab would think if he sees where I am and what I am about to do. The warden told the boys to stay in the cell and I would go into their respective cells one by one and would not leave until everyone in that cell is finished fucking me. Ted opened the first cell and I walked in there and 3 huge black guys grabbed me roughly by my tits, sucking, pinching and biting my nipples, the other one eat my pussy while the other one was kissing my neck. They took no time having me bent over with my hands holding the bar, while they power fuck me doggy style, they fuck me without mercy, I came so hard again and again, I have been longing for this, the other one got me to suck his cock. They quickly came inside my pussy and all over my face, the last one had me spread my legs with my knee on my shoulder and fuck me on their stinking bed.I was screaming my lungs out, and moaning like a true whore, Ted and Jerome recorded my fuck session adding degrading comments to the video. They fucked me more than 7 times in the first cells, they loved my tattoo, it turned them on even more especially with my expensive $10,000 wedding rings on my finger. I moved to the second cell and these guys are even more aggressive, both my pussy and my ass (for the first time) were fucked simultaneously whilst another one fucking my mouth while cupping his balls. All of them came inside me. By the last cell, my pussy was dribbling with cums and everytime they thrust their cock inside me their gooey cum will spurt out but more is being injected inside. My face was all covered by cum, dribbling down my chin and my eye liners were smudged, my hair was sticky from the cum shots, I felt so full, my pussy was completely covered by white crusted cum and the fresh cum is constantly oozing out from the 20 men that came inside me. I got sent home by Ted and Jerome and I thanked them for what they have organized for me. They told me that they are planning to get me to go there at least twice a week. And we did that!Few months after these incidents, I finally got pregnant and told Jerome. Of course we would never know who the father was, considering the multiple sperms that goes to my womb, but safely to say it belongs to a black. That's all that matters. My tummy gets bigger and bigger after 6 months, I would still go to Jerome's house whilst his old dirty friends caress my tummy and sometimes slip their fingers in my pussy and fingering me. Sometimes they would suck my tits and start milking me, since I'm pregnant now. Jerome would look at me smiling and proud of turning me from a nice decent housewife into a breeding whore. 9 months came and I gave birth to a twin. I named them Jerome Jr and Tyronne. All my friends from church looked at me with disgrace, I didn't care. Gab started to put saving aside for the k**s, and as I was told, as soon as I gave birth, the fucking routine begins again.END
04-06-2021, at 08:41 PM

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