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help me part 2

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help me part 2As Fiona undressed, she realized that it was not even possible to resist the three men who had again taken her against her will. While removing her clothes, the small woman could not open her eyes and look at the men who had ****d her just a few weeks previously. Now they were going to take her again."I'm having a... a baby, and... it is one of you three that got me with c***d. Please let me go and I won't report you, I didn't - didn't tell the last time, not - not even my... my husband." Then Fiona opened her eyes when neither of the men spoke in response to her comments."Oh God no," Fiona screamed out as she saw that this time two other men had entered the room, both with larger man-stalks than the one who had first ****d her the last time, and likely had given her his c***d she carried in her womb. Fiona cries were not screaming, but they were loud as she begged, "Don't, not five of you, no please just let me go, please?"The first man to **** her was the first to move onto the bed with her. Looking at the terrified expression on Fiona's face, he asked her, "Like those boys with the big cocks, little girl?" Then he moved between her legs without any foreplay and instantly lodged his thick cock head at the entrance of her tiny pussy. "Now Fiona, get ready cause I'm just going to get you opened up and them that big cock near your mouth is going to fuck your ass and pussy. Which do you want first - in your asshole or in your cunt?"Fiona felt fear unlike any she had known. Even the first time was bad but not like what the man by her face had hanging down from his groin. My gawd he must be at least 14 or more inches long and bigger around than a coffee cup.After gaining entrance in her pussy, the man who first ****d her, moved up from her body and the large cocked man moved over her small body. His hands grabbed her shapely legs and pushed them back towards her body as he guided his cock to the lips of her pussy.Almost immediately she felt the unusually large end of the man's cock start an attempt to part her slender lips that guarded her sex entrance. "STOP! STOP! FOR GOD SAKE STOP! I CAN'T! NO! OH NO! I CAN'T TAKE YOU! YOU'RE TOO BIG! PULL IT OUT! AWWGGHH!!" Fiona loudly shouted out her protest as she passed out briefly from the pain of the man entering her tiny pussy.When Fiona came back to normal, the large cock was embedded completely up her pussy, Her cervix hurt from the brutal jabs the oversized cock was pounding into the 25 year-old mother to be's sex, possibly even into her womb. Her small hips were rising from the mattress as the man hammered his large manhood into her body as she rose up in hope that doing so would keep him from being able to go so deep into her pussy.Harder and deeper the man attempted to shove his heavy hung cock up the crying and begging girl. After another five minutes Fiona felt the man jab into her like a rocket had blasted off. Her voice could not utter the sound to express the pain she felt as he went so deep into her, Fiona's small legs flopped around like a small branch in a hurricane.After the man went off, and was pulling his cock from her bleeding pussy, he smiled down at Fiona and told her, "Wait till I shove this thing up your tiny ass hole. Then you will really scream!"Before she even had time to pull her legs down, another r****t moved between her legs and fucked her deep and hard.When he was done, thank gawd it was one the men with the small cocks, Then the first man to **** her turned her over and pushed his cock up her pussy doggie style. For several minutes she endured the pain the large cock was creating within her small pussy.After he went off, the other large cock took and again the pain was unaccountable for as it hurt so bad to be fucked as hard as she was receiving.When the man left her body, her pussy felt so sore and raw, yet she had commenced to feel a need to join in the sexual activity and allow it to feel goo. Then the man with the largest cock again moved on top of her and spread her legs wide and started feeding his f******n inch cock inside her ever bleeding pussy. Her cries for him to stop didn't faze him as he pounded out his lust with a harder fuck that the first.Moving her onto her hands and knees, Fiona felt a strange energy course across her mind as the man started taking her doggie style. As the man fucked her, he reached under her and began to rub her tiny clit. Fiona had never experienced this sexual play while having sex and her body now took over for release as it started from the previous man taking her."Umh, yes, oh, I... oh yeah, not so hard but it is so god, oh my gawd, I'm, I'M CUMMING - N O W - YES! OHHHH!" Fiona bellowed out as her first climax from being ****d.After she went off her body sagged onto the mattress as she could no longer support her body on her hands and knees from the intense sex she had just experienced. Still the large cock drove deeper and deeper into her small aperture. Then the man pulled from her pussy and placed his cock at the entrance of her tiny anus.NOOOO, OH NO, TAKE IT OUT! IT WON'T GO IN, YOU'RE TOO BIG, STOP! YOU'RE TEARING MY ASS OPEN!!" Marti screamed out as she felt the large cocked man enter her anus completely until she felt his balls flopping against her pussy lips. For at least ten minutes the large cock drove in and out of her ass.When the man pulled out after going off, Fiona could not stop the need to expel her body waste. "Man look at that," the man with the large cock that had just ****d her tiny ass said, "Man look at her, she is shitting all over the place, hell this is the first time I ever fucked the shit out of a woman!"Fiona lay on the bed as she finished expelling her body waste and then one of the guys told her to follow him. He led Fiona from the room and into a bathroom which had a large shower. As they were leaving the room, the man told the others, "Throw those sheets away and outside in the trash bin."For another five hours Fiona was taken over and over. To her surprise she climaxed twice more that afternoon.After she was dropped off by the men, again wearing the head cover, she got in her car and drove to a motel about forty miles from town. Checking into the motel, and going to her room, Fiona called Jeff and told him she had to travel out of town and wouldn't be home until morning sometime. For over an hour they talked on the phone but again she couldn't inform Jeff that she had been ****d. And this time by five men, not just three.During the night Fiona felt very upset in her stomach and finally called 999. At the hospital, after a quick examination, the ER doctor informed her that she was having a miscarriage. After the necessary treatment to remove any trace of her pregnancy, the doctor asked her what kind of sex had she been engaged in, as her vagina was torn from such forceful sex."Your cervix area of your vagina is completely bruised, as is the total insides of your sex. Have you been gang ****d or anything like that, Miss," the female OB asked Fiona?""No... I... no I was just out, but don't tell my husband, please," Fiona begged the doctor."Ok, but you will most likely never be able to conceive again and you should inform your husband," the doctor told Marti before leaving her hospital room.The next day Fiona drove home and spent the entire day in bed. When Jeff arrived home in the afternoon, Fionatold him that she had suffered a miscarriage, and likely will never be able to become pregnant in the future. For the rest of the evening Jeff held Fiona in his arms and finally sleep overcome both of them.For two months, Fiona did not allow Jeff to touch her, then one night he forcefully grabbed her and forced sex with her. Fiona had turned into a pleading whore and begged her husband for more, to do her harder. "Pound my pussy Jeff. Fuck me hard and deep!"Jeff had no idea what had transported his wife into the sexual fury, but he gave his wife all he had. For Fiona, she only wanted the man with the large cock. Gawd, she thought between words telling her husband to be harder, I even want that large cock up my ass hole again.About a month later, Jeff had left on a business trip to Hong Kong for a month. After a week of being alone, Fiona drove to Baron's for dinner and a couple of drinks. After eating, she went into the piano bar and sat next to a two very large men. After a few minutes of speaking with the two large built men, Fiona got a strange feeling as the voices begin to sound like some strange sound she knew.Oh my gawd she thought, these are the two men with the large cocks, and the one is the first one who ****d me. While I know that the other is the one with the extremely large dick. After playing word games with them for a short while, Fiona let her hands play over their legs and finally grasping onto the outline of their hard-ons between their legs.Smiling, Fiona looked at them and whispered, "You two ****d me didn't you?" Then she added, You knew who I was when I sat down next to you didn't you? Were you going to tell me who you were or k**nap me again?""Shit lady, are you going to call the cops or what?""No, but lets go somewhere and continue where we left off. By the way, and looking at the man with the extra large cock told him, "You caused me to miscarriage, let's go to your place, OK?"That night Fiona felt both large cocks in her ass and pussy at the same time as the men doubled her up and fucked her until she simply fell limp and whimpered out her cums. Never had a woman felt like she did as they drove her back to her car at Barons'.As they held her car door for her and felt between her legs, while kissing her goodnight, Fiona eased into her car and told them, "Tomorrow night, then."The large cock man smiled as he reached into her car and grabbed her small 36b breast and asked her, "You want the other three with us tomorrow night, your sure?"Smiling as she pulled her door shut, and pressing the window button, replied, "Till then, night!"...Fiona may need to tell what happened a week later.
04-06-2021, at 11:27 PM

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