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Sin -2

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Sin 2

"I mean sure, I was eventually in the back of that same van later getting plowed like a $20 whore. However, at least I waited until we got back to the hotel and then snuck out when I thought you were sleeping!", Cindy was laughing. "My gosh, that was such a great night, I can't believe I let both of those guys fuck me at the same time. I don't need that kid back there, just the thought of that will keep me sopping wet for the rest of the night! You know what Carla? I've been fucked a lot... Not just by Jake, well, mainly by Jake, but I have been! I guess I just like cock! That doesn't make me a bad person does it? .... Hee hee, okay, I'll admit it, I am such a slut!"

"Oh fuck!", Carla thought... As she waited for Jake to spin around and go ballistic. "Yeah, yeah... Let's go Sin... You're so cute with your imagination...", as she started to walk towards the bathroom again trying to minimize the damage.

"No, I'm serious, the feeling of Dave slamming his dick into me from behind while I sucked off James... You have no idea!! Honestly it wasn't even the sex, it was the fact that I knew how bad I was being, that I was getting away with something, that's what turned me on more than anything. And at the end when I was wiped out and Dave climbed back on me for a third time...seriously, I didn't even want to fuck him anymore, but I was just too far gone to put up a fight. I just wrapped myself around him and let him fuck me again. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many times I came that night. It was unbelievable Carla! Those two tore me up, I was like in a daze when I left that van. I couldn't walk right for 3 days! Jake got the fucking of a lifetime when I got back because of that! He probably thought it was just because I was horny from going without for a week, if he only knew how bad his sweet little Princess was that night...."

Carla grabbed her and they headed into the restroom. On the way out Carla told her to go ahead because she saw someone she knew and that she would catch up. Cindy told her,"You better hurry or that table might be empty when you get back. I'm starting to get flashbacks....", with a wink.

Carla just rolled her eyes at Cindy and gave her a little push.

"Wow.", Jake said out loud to himself. That was a lot for him to process. So she had fucked around on him when she took that trip to Chicago with Carla, he always thought she did, but never knew for sure....until now. His first thought was anger, he wanted to spin around on that stool he was sitting on, pull out that Glock in his waistband and put one in her head. That was the flash, like when you light a match and it flashes bright for a second, and then settles down and burns steady. But much like the match, that feeling was over quickly. He remembers what things were like back then, they hardly talked, and when they did it usually ended in yelling and slamming doors. He was wrapped up in his work and own problems, and she had hers. Neither really thought they would make it through that time period, and now they were more in love than ever. Now wasn't the time or place to bring this up, but sooner or later he would. As far as tonight's actions though, he was ok with everything. After all he was the one that started it with the beer at home and putting those ideas in her mind. EVERYONE knew how Cindy got when she drank.

"Jake, before you say anything, it wasn't Sin's fault that night. I kept feeding her alcohol. I encouraged her, she is so in love with you, blame me not her---"

Just as Jake was about to tell her he was ok, not to worry about it, he'd deal... Carla finished her plea....

"--I'll do anything to make it up to you, just don't leave her."

Jake felt his cock start to swell,
"Really Carla?", as he turned to face her pretending to be pissed, "You'll do ANYTHING will you?" He asked with a smile and stared her straight in the eyes.

Carla looked back at the table as Cindy was in mid drink of her 8th beer, now sitting between both guys and oblivious to everything else in the room at that time. Then back at Jake, "Yes Jake....", as she took a step closer to him and placed her hand on his inner thigh, sliding it upward until she could feel his growing bulge, "...Anything you want."

Carla did look good tonight, although the girls physically were much different, they must have planned ahead because they matched pretty well. Carla had a black mini on with a sparkly silver/black top, and tons of bling to go with. As she leaned in and wrapped her hand around Jakes growing member she made sure to lean over enough to give Jake a nice view of some of her other assets she had to offer. This was actually exactly what Carla wanted, she couldn't have planned it better if she tried. She had wanted to fuck Jake for sometime and thought this might be her opening. She figured if this didn't work she could always use alcohol as an excuse for her actions.

"Ok then, well we'll cover that later. Right now though, I need to know how bad is it?", as Jake nodded towards Cindy. The black guy was gone and it was just Cindy and the other guy. It was pretty dark where they were out but it looked like Cindy was working his dick over good with her hand as they were making out. He had his hand up under her dress doing who knows what. The waitress had just left the table taking all the empties and leaving 4 new ones.

"Uh, well, that empty she just took was her 8th, so number 9 is sitting in front of her. And it's only...12:15. So, you know, just over 2 an hour or so.", as Carla looked back to see Cindy light up a cigarette and take a long drag and then exhale slowly as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

"Oh fuck....", her and Jake said at almost the same time.

"Well, guess that changed things a little now didn't?", Jake said to Carla. Cindy didn't smoke, except for when she was really, really hammered. Carla can only remember one other time she saw her smoke, Chicago on their trip, and they both knew how that ended. Jake had seen her smoke 6-7 times over their time together, and each time mind blowing sex went with it.

"So tell me about your young friends there.", Jake said as he nodded in that direction.

"Well the black guy's name is Pete, he's 21. "And Sin's....friend, his name is Mark, he's 22. They're both in the Navy, home for the weekend. Pete is from the area and Mark just came back with him to hang out. Sin told them you were an ex-Marine, they just laughed and said they beat 'Jarheads' up all the time. They're really nice guys, you can't blame him for wanting to fuck her you know. Hell, I'm straight, but there's some nights where I've got drunk enough I've thought about it!", she said laughing...still rubbing Jakes cock as it twitched to Carla's last comments.

Jake laughed, he had roughly 18-19 years on them. Jake took a second to enjoy Carla rubbing his cock through his jeans. He was thinking about just taking her outside and fucking her quick to get it over with. Cindy always talked about how good Carla claimed she was in the sack, and after the information Jake just found out about her and their trip he thought he might just have to find out for himself. However, he decided against it, he had decided he best keep an eye on Cindy instead. "Ah to be young, dumb, and full of cum again. I wonder if those guys realize how great life is for them right now. Well I have an idea Carla, this is what I want you to do for me...."

Cindy had pretty much lost all her inhibitions and was seriously enjoying herself. She was making out with this young stud and it was all she could do not to have him bend her over the table right there. He had his hand up under her dress and was rubbing her pussy hard and slow over her panties, just like she liked it. He started out going super fast and she had to slow him down and instruct him a little. She didn't mind though, teaching this kid how to take care of a lady was a turn on in itself. She was getting what she wanted and could feel herself getting close. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, stop.. Wait, hold up a sec...", was the last thing out of her mouth before Mark slid his fingers past her panties and into her wanting slit. "Fuuuck!", she said into his ear as she leaned into him and bit down hard on his chest through his shirt. She didn't want to cum there but she couldn't help it. She exploded all over his hand as he pressed up and in to her and hit her G spot. She initially tried to back off but he pulled her in with his other arm and made her ride it out. "Damn your good with your hands boy!", she said as she caught her breath. "But are you any good with this?", as Cindy reached down under the table and undid his zipper releasing his cock which was at full mast and slowly started to stroke him. "Looks like you're gonna get your wish little boy. You've been fucking little girls your whole life, I'm gonna show you what a real woman can do tonight!", as she finished off her 9th beer.

Right about that time Carla came back to the table. "Uh, Sin, what are you doing?" Setting her purse down on the table and noticing how hard Cindy was breathing.

"I'm having fun.", as she smiled back taking her hand off Mark's cock and lit another cigarette. "What's it look like Im doing?"

"I can see that, well, I just got done talking to my friend and I need to use the restroom again, too much beer I guess! Tell your friend you'll be right back."

They were half way to the bathroom when Carla told her to wait because she needed to go back and get her purse. About 5 minutes later she came back. Cindy was chatting up one of the bouncers that knew Carla.

"So what took so long bitch?? I need fucked and you're holding me up!"

"Are you sure you want to do this Sin? What about Jake?"

"What about Jake? I love Jake, but Jakes not here. And it's only 1, so Jake wont be here for another hour and a half. HOWEVER, I NEED fucked now, and that little Navy Squid boy over there is going to take care of that problem for me. Just like Chicago it'll be our little secret!", she said putting he finger across her lips and making the "Shhhh" sound as she wobbled back and forth.

"That's what I thought you'd say.", Karla responded, "So when I went back to the table I gave my keys to Mark, I told him what my Escalade looked like and where it was. I told him to climb in back and wait for you, that I'd send you out in a couple minutes, I mean if that's what you want?"

"That will be perfect!", Cindy said as she grabbed Carla's hand and they headed into the restroom. "Just make sure you text Jake and tell him how much fun we're having and not to show up until 2:30!"

"Will do, and you know what Sin?"


"You really are a whore when you drink!!", Carla said laughing.

"No! I'm a PRINCESS, I just fuck like a whore!", with a wink.

Carla and Cindy finished up and headed out. Carla lead Cindy to her SUV which was now back in the corner of the lot and running. As they got a little closer they could hear music thumping inside and it was running. Told her she was going back in and would be back out in an hour to check on her.

Cindy opened up the side door and got in, no lights other than the readout from the dashboard was on. She could have sworn they were working earlier, of course that was 9-10 beers ago, so to say her mind was a little fuzzy was kind of an understatement. She didn't care, she didn't need to see him to fuck him. Her pussy was dripping wet and she needed it filled, now. She closed the door and felt Mark grab her and reach up under her dress. He pushed her over the middle bench seat and she heard a click and then felt cold steel slide up her leg as she heard Mark whisper not to move. His blade cut through each side of her thong, and then got chills as he pulled them through her legs and threw them on the ground. He then spread her legs apart and rammed his tongue into her pussy attacking her clit, she came instantly and Mark lapped it up. She was moaning and screaming, she needed cock! She spun around surprising Mark and knocking him back into the rear seat. She then dropped to her knees and found his cock, taking it all the way down her throat, big but not too big. He seemed about the same size as Jake. She couldn't get enough of his cock as she took him in and out, slowly at first, then faster as she massaged his balls with her other hand. Cindy finally had enough, so she pushed him all the way back and climbed on top.

He put his hand around her waist and reached for his cock and she yanked his hand away. "Just sit there boy, I got it, I'm about to show you what you've been missing!", She grabbed Mark's cock and slowly eased him in. Even as wet as she was he was still tight, it felt good, it felt really good. "Let me tell you something, this is what happens when you encourage your wife to be bad!", as she bucked back and fourth. "This is what happens when you give your horny slut wife beer and don't fuck her before she goes to the club, this, THIS!!", as she clamped down on his cock and grabbed his shoulders drove him in deeper and deeper. "Your wife goes out and fucks other guys! So you remember that when you get older and get married, and you remember this pussy, because it's the best you're ever gonna have!", she was now going crazy back and fourth on his cock, she could tell he was getting close. "My husband would be so pissed if he knew I was fucking a squid! He said all you Navy boys are pussies except SEALs and Medics! You like my pussy don't you?! Yeah, I know you do! Now fuck me good boy, fuck this MILF hard!" Just like Jake always did, this kid grabbed her waist and started slamming her as hard as he could. Cindy was moaning and screaming for it, "Fuck me, fuck me harder! Fill my pussy up, give it to me! Cum in me, fucking do it, CUM CCCUM..."

They both exploded.

Cindy slowly continued to ride Mark's cock back and fourth grinding in him as he stayed semi hard. She leaned into him and took his scent in, Drakkar, she loved that scent. She eased herself off of him, and went to kiss him but instead he grabbed her head and pulled her down to his cock, whispering, "Suck it bitch!"

Cindy was still so fucking horny and drunk she did what she was told without question. She could taste the mixtures of their juices on his cock. The musky aroma of her own scent brought back memories of her time with James in the back of that van when she could still smell Carla on his cock from an earlier visit. It drove her crazy and she attacked his cock with furry. Licking him up and down, swirling her tongue around the tip, using her thumb at the base of his shaft adding extra pressure and pleasure. It didn't take long and he was rock hard again. "That's what I like about you boys, you can go all night. Now why don't you give this MILF another pounding.", Cindy said as she pulled slowly on his cock as she took it out of her mouth.

With out warning Mark grabbed her by her arm and hair and threw her down on the seat. He put her legs up around his neck, over his shoulders, and slammed into her pussy. She let out a moan and dug her finger nails into the back of his neck as he tore her pussy up. Cindy was completely out of it, it was just like Chicago, she was so drunk, so horny that she lost all track of time and reality. This kid was pounding her harder and harder with each thrust. She had already came twice and was almost to a third when he barried his dick into her and grunted filing her for the second time of the evening. At the same time he went down and started sucking on her neck, that put her over the edge snd she exploded. He felt so good, just like Jake, it was like they fit together perfectly. He was still sucking and biting on her neck as she started to come down from the rush. There had to be a serious hickey on her neck, but that didn't even cross her mind. Right now she was just so sexually satisfied and exhausted that it didn't matter. Mark rolled her over and slapped her on the ass. "Damn your a good fuck," Mark whispered, "Your husband is a lucky man! I had a good time tonight bitch but I got to go. I'll let Blondy know I'm done with you so you guys can leave. Oh, and Im taking these panties with me slut, it'll give me something to jerk off to later!"

Cindy heard the door close shortly after and thought to herself how sore she was going to be in the morning. Not to mention how was she going to fuck Jake tonight with out him catching her. She also noticed her neck was a little sore, not sure why. Between the alcohol and the workout she just had she was exhausted. She looked up over the seat and tried to make out the dashboard clock, 2:04. Jake would be there in less than a half hour. She decided to just lay back down and nap till then. Carla would help figure things out when she got back out there.

Jake found Carla at the door chatting up Jonas, "You ready to go Carla, it's about 3, they'll be shutting down soon? Got to get you girls home sometime, this morning.", Jake said laughing.

"Sure thing Jake, you want to pick us up at my SUV?",

"That'll work, be out there in a few, just need to talk to Jonas quick."

"Ok, don't be too long, we still need to talk about that other issue tonight.", as she looked down at his cock and licked her lips.

He just smiled and nodded then turned back to Jonas, and reached out to shake his hand,"Thanks brother, appreciate the help tonight."

"Haha, Semper-Fi man. You know I always got your back, silly little squids."

"Now you and the boys didn't hurt them too bad did ya? We were that age once too you know, besides we both had our share of hot married ass when we were younger, can't really blame them."

"Na, me and the boys explained to them how they could either stay here and drink for free till we close, or we'd take them out back and use them as training dummies in the alley.", as Jonas nodded over at the two still sitting at the table but now with some girls more their age.

"Well looks like everyone's happy then!", Jake said slapping Jonas on the shoulder.

"Yea, except me, why don't you do me a favor and leave C here tonight, I'll get her home ok."

"Not tonight brother, I need to have a lil talk with her on the way home."

"Ok my friend." Jonas said laughing, "I'll catch you later then, be careful out there!"
02-14-2022, at 02:25 PM

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