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Mary's story Part23

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Mary's story Part23Mary slid to the side of the bed and tried to get up. There was tremendous pain in her nipples and pussy, which brought back the memory of what she had had done to herself. She stood up and Mitsumi placed her dressing gown round her shoulders. Becoming more alert now, Mary looked at Mitsumi. She was no longer wearing her kimono, and had changed into a long black dress. She twirled round. ?Do you like my dress? Bob bought it for me.? Mary thought that it looked very sexy, and was more than a little bit jealous. What was Bob doing buying clothes for this other woman?Moving slowly, Mary moved downstairs, with Mitsumi supporting her. They went into the front room, where Mary sat down rather too quickly, causing another wave of pain to shoot through her pussy. She winced. ?I?m sorry,? she said, ?I really should be looking after you as my guest, not the other way round!?Don?t worry?, said Mitsumi, ?there will be time for that when you are healed. I am here until your husband returns from Japan. I hope that will be alright with you?? ?Just so long as you don?t tell him what state I am in, I really don?t know how he will react at all my changes?? ?Well, I certainly know that he likes to see tattoos on women, at least Japanese women, as a lot of business in Japan is done in the bathhouses. It used to be men only, but we all go together now as women like me have entered the higher levels of business. Quite a few of the women who go there are tattooed in the traditional way, as you would know if you ever went there with him.? ?What do you mean, traditional way? He told me that he thought that women with tattoos were prostitutes, so what is different about Japanese women???Well Japanese tattooing is more of an art form, and it is about fitting the tattoo to the curves of the body, so that they seem to be alive when you move. No two are the same, and they eventually cover all of the body from the neck down to the feet, like a suit of clothes. It is usually men who have it done, but there are a lot of women having it done now as well, some for themselves and some to please their husbands. Maybe you should consider extending your tattoo work??Mary?s head was swimming. How could her husband like a woman who was tattooed all over? ?What happens in the bathhouse, do the men make love to the women?? ?Sometimes, but it is frowned on to have sex in the bathhouse, of course there are other places to meet.? ?Are you telling me that my husband has sex with other women?? ?I don?t know, all I can say is that he has never bothered me.? There was an awkward silence, and Mitsumi went to the kitchen to make them both a drink.Mary was trying to make sense of it all. Her husband really did like tattooed women after all it seems, so maybe he would accept that his wife had been tattooed? Then there would only be the piercings and trimmed inner labia to explain. Mary considered what Mitsumi had said again in detail ??never bothered me?. Did it mean that she had been naked in the bath with her husband, or did it mean that Mitsumi was tattooed herself? Mitsumi came back with a large pot of coffee and a bottle of cognac. She poured them both drinks, and Mary noticed that her brandy was quite large. She took a big gulp of it and nearly choked. ?Mitsumi, there is something that I need to ask you. When you said that my husband has never bothered you, what did you mean?? ?Of course, I have been naked in the bathhouse with your husband, that is how we do things in Japan, but apart from being very attentive and extremely complimentary about my body, he has not tried to have intercourse with me, if that is what you mean??Frustrated, Mary realised that she could not ask Mitsumi what she really wanted to know; the thought that Mitsumi might be tattooed was still running through her head, but how to broach the subject without risking upsetting her guest?Just then, the doorbell rang. ?Stay there. I?ll go.? Mitsumi got up and went to the door. She returned, closely followed by Sue. Sue was completely naked, but at least it appeared that she had managed to earn herself a long blonde wig working at Paul?s ladies night. ?It was Bob bringing your tattooed friend back.? said Mitsumi. Mary said, ?I must apologise to you, Mitsumi, you must wonder what is going on here.? ?Well you are not the first tattooed women that I have ever seen; and it is fairly clear to me what is going on because Bob explained the situation to me this afternoon. Can I just say that I do not have a problem with it, and I will leave it up to you how you explain it to your husband when he gets back. I will be happy to look after you both until then providing that you both do as you are told, because if you don?t I will ring him to tell him about you. Sue will be living here with us now until you have both been completed. Now get to bed both of you. I will sort myself a room out.?Mary got up and Sue helped her up the stairs to her bedroom. Mary found it very painful to move, and the stitches in her labia really pulled as she walked. She was exhausted by the time they reached the bedroom, and she collapsed on the bed.Sue poured her a glass of water and she took the pills that Mr Faisal had prescribed for her. Then they did their normal Bepanthen routine, but this time Sue avoided Mary?s clit. Paul had said that their tattoos were almost healed. Another two days and it would be OK to stop.They could hear Mitsumi clearing up the sitting room, and then she followed them up the stairs, and went to the spare bedroom across the landing. They could hear her unpacking her cases. Suddenly, there was a knock on the bedroom door, and Mitsumi came in. ?Do you have a spare razor, Mary? I forgot to bring one with me and my pussy is getting quite bristly.? ?There should be some disposables left in the bathroom, I think, and some shaving cream.? said Mary. ?I used to have them for my pussy hair but I don?t need them now. You ought to let Linda sort you out whilst you are here.? ?Ah, I envy you, but sadly my pussy cannot be lasered, so I have to shave it every day.? With that Mitsumi went into the bathroom. ?Found them.? And she went back to her room. They could her running a bath.Mary turned out the light, reaching out to Sue and cradling her breast. They both fell asleep.
04-15-2021, at 01:21 PM

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